Cycling glasses

If you want to use the lens frame, you should give up the idea (if the curvature is too big, I promise to break your eyes. Generally, the power of riding glasses should be 25 or 50 degrees smaller, otherwise you will feel dizzy. That's the reason). If you use the lens, as long as you give up the idea, the curvature is too big. Generally, the lens frame can't be used

Here are some lenses:

PC lens: PC lens is high-strength polycarbonate (PC for short), which has the characteristics of ultra light, high impact resistance and 100% UV protection. At present, it is widely used in WG sports glasses, racing goggles and other areas.

Gray Lens: the gray lens can absorb any color spectrum, so the viewing scene will only be dark, but there will be no significant color difference, showing the real natural feeling, belonging to the neutral color system.

Blue lens: blue lens can filter out a lot of blue light, improve visual contrast and clarity, and is better to wear in severe air pollution or foggy conditions. Usually, it can also block the reflection light of the smooth and bright appearance. The wearer can see the slim part clearly, which is the driver's ideal choice.

Colorful lens: the surface of the lens is coated with high-density mirror, which can absorb more reflected visible light and is suitable for outdoor sports.

Yellow lens: strictly speaking, yellow lens does not belong to solar lens, because it almost does not reduce visible light, but in foggy and dusk time, yellow lens can improve contrast and provide more accurate vision, so it is also called "night vision film". Some people like to wear yellow lens as decoration.

Transparent lens: transparent lens is actually a little light yellow, because it is relatively shallow, so it is called transparent lens. It can be used as wind mirror or rain proof mirror.

We can't ignore the selection of other frames. Try to choose a frame smaller than our own face. In this way, we can ensure that the glasses are close to our eyes when we use them. We can also avoid the accident of falling glasses when we ride, and prevent the small sand particles from entering our eyes

In the final purchase of glasses, it is necessary to choose more than one pair of glasses. A pair of glasses used in the daytime and at night can cope with various situations in the field