Cut off the charging head and earphone, the iPhone 12 turns on a very bad head!

Today's most popular story is: don't buy the iPhone 12, because Wang Shouyi said, "Thirteen incense.".

Students who haven't thrown away the iPhone 4 can take it out and wipe it. After all, the iPhone 12 looks like an imitation of the iPhone 4.

I don't know if there are any celebrities who can spell together. Let's spell an iPhone 12 together. You can use it when I don't use it. It's very cost-effective.

In the name of environmental protection, he can directly cut off the charging head and earphone which are currently priced at 149 yuan on the official website, and instead, he comes with a usb-c to lightning cable (it can't adapt to Apple's ancestral "Wufu Yian" charging head, and can only buy a new type of fast charging head). Cook's knife technique is still the best in the world.


In any case, in the midst of all the noise and ridicule, the iPhone 12 came on the stage. one

Apple's 5g will still show only Downloads

The script of the conference has been circulated countless times before, and the explosive and real machine are still not bad, which is boring.

The iPhone 12 configuration is no longer detailed, but only a few noteworthy points.

The iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 use a glass back panel with aluminum metal borders; The iPhone 12 pro and iPhone Pro Max midframe uses the same all steel + matte glass backplane as the iphonex, XS series, and is paired with stainless steel borders.

If the students who care about the signal, you can wait and see, and then consider the later material model. After all, the iPhone 4, which is similar to material, has hada problem with "signal door".

In terms of price, the starting price of the model is consistent with the iphone11 series.

The iPhone 12 Mini is sold for 5499 yuan. Although MINI has not been castrated in configuration, it is located at the mini. In fact, the price is the same as that of last year's iPhone 11, and there is no charging head and headset. All versions of 6.1 inch iPhone 12 are up 800 yuan compared with iPhone 11, and have no charging head and headset.

Compared with the three configurations of iPhone 11 pro, iPhone 12 Pro is cheaper than RMB 200, 700 and 700 respectively. Compared with different memory versions of iPhone 11 Pro max, iPhone 12 Pro Max is respectively 300 yuan, 800 yuan and 800 yuan, but there is no charging head and headset.


It is worth noting that this year, the iPhone 12 battery capacity is 2775 MAH, which is smaller than that of iPhone 11. The iPhone 12 MINI has only 2227 MAH battery capacity and does not support dual card dual waiting.

The battery has become smaller, but it makes the iPhone 12 Mini the world's smallest, thinnest and lightest 5g phone. The thickness is 7.4mm, and it weighs only 133 grams. Volume and weight control is amazing, but if you let Android phones next door also use this capacity of the battery, weight control to this extent is not impossible.

5g mobile phones are generally faced with short service life, signal problems, and software experience problems. How Apple solves it remains to be seen.

Students who want to buy mini can wait two days to evaluate the third party's endurance. Avoid buying mini and then charging three or four times a day.

Apple's biggest increase this year is 5g. Cook said the 5g era was really coming when the iPhone released 5g.

Cook likes the excuse of being so proud. Apple has been conservative in adopting new mobile communication technology. 3G is 2008, 4G is 2012, which is 1-2 years slower than other homes

But even by 2020, 5g technology is still not just needed on mobile phones, and the most used scenario is to test the download speed. Apple also ran a download data on 5g function at the conference, without any other 5g scenes and applications. Currently, Korea, with the highest 5g penetration rate in the world, has only about 10% 5g users.

This time, all four new iPhones support 5g and 5g millimeter wave in the U.S. market. However, because the 5g network band in China uses sub-6ghz, the Bank of China version does not support 5g millimeter wave. The cost of sub-6 and MMW 5g components is $75-85 and $125-135, respectively.


Although the millimeter wave 5g has a large bandwidth and high cost, it has a very low coverage capacity and is not suitable for large-area laying. Therefore, the current laying strategy in China is more friendly for users to experience 5g or for manufacturers to lay 5g.

Why don't the U.S. use the 5g spectrum of sub-6ghz? Because the spectrum below 6GHz in the middle and low frequencies of the United States is occupied by the military, the American manufacturers led by Qualcomm can only develop 5g for civilian use on ultra high frequency millimeter wave, which is one of the reasons why 5g laying in the United States is slow.

Apple has settled with Qualcomm this time, so it will take a while to know if it can get rid of the signal difference label with Qualcomm baseband.

Without fast charging, no high screen, no fingerprint recognition under the screen, there are still big bangs, and the charger and headphones are cut off in the name of environmental protection. The biggest highlight is that it is becoming more square. The panda said the iPhone 12 is a rare mobile phone that can be put on the table today, saving you a bit of support money.