Charging speed can double! Do you know the cold knowledge of car charger?

In today's intelligent era, many friends can't do without the mobile phone. Especially in the case of driving, navigation is often needed. When the mobile phone turns on the navigation, it often consumes a lot of power. At this time, we need a power bank or on-board charging equipment. We don't need to say much about the power bank. So how to choose the on-board charging equipment and how to use it What should we pay attention to? Let's analyze it today.

Most of the USB interfaces in the car are designed to transmit audio data. The current is only about 0.5A. When you use the mobile phone navigation, the actual power consumption is more than the charge. Taking the iPhone 6plus with 2915mah battery capacity as an example, it takes more than 2 hours to charge with 1A current of the original charger, while it takes at least 4 hours to use the built-in USB interface.

Charging is OK. It's not so good if you charge while using it.

1. How to choose car charger?

When choosing chargers, it is recommended to choose big brand products. It is worth mentioning that the formal product packaging must have Chinese identification, and the factory name, model, address, telephone number, national standard number and other information need to be clearly marked in the packaging.

It's also a knowledge to choose a car charger. In terms of price, it's absolutely not cheap. On the one hand, cheap chargers are not equipped with circuit overload protection function. On the other hand, some unqualified car chargers can't work with voltage stabilization and temperature flow, which leads to serious heating of charging equipment, thus causing unnecessary losses. Therefore, considering the cost, the price of a qualified car charger is more reasonable than 20 yuan.

2. Pay attention to the output current / voltage
When selecting the car charger, the model with higher maximum output current should be selected as far as possible. You don't have to worry about charging your mobile phone, because all mobile phones have a current limiting device inside, which means that it will only charge at the maximum current it is designed to withstand. For mobile phones that don't support fast charging, it's enough to choose such 5V / 2.1a products.

In addition to the price, we also need to pay attention to the output data of the first car charger. Generally, the output voltage of the cigarette lighter is 12V, and the charging head can convert 12V voltage to 5V, so the output current determines the charging speed. Generally, 5V / 2.1a charging is enough.

3. Mobile phones that support fast charging need a car charger that supports fast charging

The mobile phone that supports fast charging will indicate on the product package that it supports XX fast charging technology, and its output range can also be observed. The voltage of 5V-12V and current of 1.25-2.4a indicate that it supports fast charging for mobile phone.
This sentence looks rather awkward, but it's easy to understand that some users need to buy a fast charging car charger when they use a mobile phone that can realize fast charging. Fast charging technology is generally realized by increasing the current / voltage under the condition of constant voltage / current. So the charging time will be shortened.
4. It is normal for the charger / mobile phone to get hot when charging
When most cars are charged with electricity, the indicator light will always be on. Many friends think it consumes a lot of electricity. After our measurement, the output current is almost zero, so we don't need to unplug it when it's not charged. When using the car charger,part of the electric energy of the transformer inside the charger will be converted into heat energy. It is normal for the charger or the mobile phone to generate heat during the charging process, but it should be noted that if the temperature has reached a hot situation, it is necessary to consider whether it belongs to the charger quality problem.
5. The instant the vehicle is started, the charge will not be affected
The test results show that starting and not starting the vehicle have little effect on the output voltage and current. In addition, most vehicles will cut off the power supply of the cigarette lighter at the moment of starting, so there is no need to worry about the charging of the mobile phone when the vehicle starts.
At present, due to self-protection, the cigarette lighter will be powered off at the moment of starting, so even if the device is plugged into the charger, it will not affect the use of the on-board charger as long as the voltage regulator in the vehicle operates normally.
6. Data cable can't be cheap
After our actual measurement, the charging speed of 40 yuan brand data line is about 0.5A faster than that of 10 yuan data line when charging several mobile phones with the same car.
Many people think that the data lines are the same. In fact, this is also wrong. The conductor material of the data line also has an impact on the current output. A good data line has a small resistance, and the output current will be relatively large. The poor data line material will lead to a large resistance, so the charging speed and data transmission will be very slow.
Although this car charger is not a valuable item, it is not careless. When you buy it, you must buy a car charger from a regular manufacturer. Both the charging speed and the safety of use can be guaranteed. If there is a problem, you can also appeal to the merchant.