Charger XTRA ST2

Nowadays, electronic and electrical products have occupied all aspects of life. At the same time, the current emphasis on effectiveness in electronic and electrical products must also pursue fast and efficient. Therefore, a fast, efficient, versatile charger is what we like. Xtar's new ST2 has the fast charging effect of double slot 4.1a. The function of conventional battery charging in 20 minutes is the fastest charger in the whole network.

ST2 also has a convenient type-C input mode, with three-stage intelligent charging and intelligent temperature control sensing system. And it can activate the overdischarged battery. It can be said that the smart charger is all-round.

Xtar has a good reputation in the circle of lighting and charger. The charger is also xtar's most professional field. The same is true. At the same time of starting ST2, we started charging head and 21700 battery.

Speaking of accessories, let's look at the charging head first. First of all, its compact design can be seen. It's easy for us to carry.

Considering the convenience of travel, the plug position has a double label switchable design

The type-C interface has a thinner design, faster transmission speed (up to 10Gbps) and stronger power transmission (up to 45W). Of course, the use of positive and negative pluggable is also a very convenient design.

Next, let's take a look at the 21700 battery, which uses imported cells and has a large capacity of 4200mah.

The birth of 21700 battery is to break through the limitation of 18650 battery in volume and capacity. I remember it was Tesla and Panasonic that jointly launched and brought about the change trend of cylindrical battery. As far as I'm concerned, the lighting equipment with 21700 batteries that I've been exposed to has greatly improved in brightness and endurance.

Look back at ST2. The packaging adopts the consistent style of the brand. White background appears to be simple and clear.

On one side of the box, there is a description of the main rechargeable battery specifications. From here, we can see that this charger is designed for large-scale battery fast charging.

After unpacking, it can be seen that the inner charger is packaged and stored in the plastic box. The box body is used for the separate placement of charger and charging line. The product is stable and reliable.

The advantages and inconveniences of the charging cable of type-C interface need not be mentioned. A close look shows that the edges of the plastic and hardware parts are delicate. There is no obvious processing trace. It can be seen that xtar also pays attention to the quality of accessories.

The body of ST2 is as follows. The appearance is different from the traditional square design, and the setting of oblique angle of the display screen is also convenient for observation. The double slot design brings a relatively convenient charging effect. After all, most of the time electrical appliances don't use only one battery.

The hidden battery card slot can prevent foreign matters from falling in and affecting the use. And its full flexibility also makes different specifications of batteries can be placed stably.

The convex position of the positive and negative contacts is slightly wide, which is also convenient to be compatible with the design effect of different specifications of batteries.

The bottom of the charger is the screen and the operation key position. Display brings intuitive data reading effect. The double buttons meet the convenient operation effect of two slots.

The shell material of the charger is ABS + PC fire retardant material, the temperature resistance of the shell can reach 130 degrees, with 1.0m anti falling effect. At the same time, the shell adopts anti-skid and delicate rubber paint. Touch, you can feel it has the effect of leather elasticity!

The bottom position is provided with a gum pad, so that it can be placed on the glass tea table, polished brick and other surfaces, with a stable and anti-skid effect. And ROHS, FCC, CE mark is the description of all kinds of safety compulsory certification. Of course, the dense fins at the bottom make it have effective heat dissipation effect in the work, so as to bring more long-term and stable work effect.

The power input of type-C can reach 45W, and the maximum fast charging effect of 4.1a for its double slots doubles the 2A fast charging effect on the market. That is to say, two 18650 batteries of 2000 MAH in 30 minutes. At the same time, because of the built-in three fold safety protection system, the effect of safety compatibility is guaranteed. I remember that it took almost 18650 years to charge one night. And a lot of times because of overcharge and other reasons lead to the scrapping of the battery. ST2, on the other hand, completely avoids the past anomalies and subverts our traditional cognition.

Of course, we can adjust the current and other parameters by pressing the key.

Another advantage of the double slot is that it can charge batteries of different specifications synchronously, and it can also set different parameters according to the demand.

The red and green change of indicator light is very intuitive, and the protection of battery activation, overcharge and overheating is also its excellent performance. When charging at the same time, the screen displays voltage, current, temperature and percentage of charge, which is convenient for us to intuitively understand the battery status.

It is also the safety protection function, even if we have misoperation, it will not bring accidents. And we know that many chargers can't charge the large capacity 21700 battery. In fact, it is also the conventional charger in the performance can not meet and can not have effective protection. And these ST2 are implemented.

In view of the simple description of the above contents after unpacking, the specific parameters are as follows.