Car charger equals time bomb? How to choose not to hurt the mobile phone?

Car charger has now become a necessary necessity for every family to travel. It is inevitable that people will need a charger when they turn on the navigation of their mobile phones. Without car charger, they don't know how to get there in the middle of the journey. As soon as they get to the service station, they can find a plug. However, some of the power bank or car charger on the market can't keep up with the pace, and they are not compatible with the charging protocol of their mobile phones. Some people don't know how to use it after they use it Only the charging is slow, and the mobile phone battery is still hot.

Even some mobile phone sales don't know how to pretend to understand, which is the most common saying: "Why buy a power bank with such a large current? Small current is battery friendly! We don't offer more than 2A. If you want more than 2a, you wait for the cell phone to explode! " No doubt, the phone into a white state of panic.

These bullies seem to bully our consumers in a threatening way all day long. In fact, it is their backward concept that strongly persuades consumers and forcibly instills old ideas, which makes riders dare not choose high current vehicles.

Commune gentleman here to remind you, in fact, high-power car charger is not so terrible, as long as comply with the regulations, the product is qualified, car charger is also safe. As a public official account for the society and the riders, the commune king here teaches you how to choose a car charger. I hope you can understand the charging current and charging protocol of your mobile phone correctly through this article. If you choose the right car, you will be less worried about your travel.

Understand the charging protocol of mobile phone

It's not that hard to understand the charging protocol of your mobile phone. With the development of science and technology, the mobile phone fast charger appears, which can charge a lot of electricity in a short time. However, in the case of low current, once the charging protocol is not compatible, the battery will be damaged. There is no "trickle protection". If the current is poured hard, the battery will be damaged if it is poured directly after charging.
"Charging agreement" is a common sense that some people who sell mobile phones lack, and some riders (consumers) have no specific understanding of charging agreement. Chargers are divided into fast charging and slow charging protocols. Slow charging includes BC 2.0, fast charging includes QC 2.0, QC 3.0, QC 4.0, Huawei FCP, SCP, and even oppo vooc, vivo dual engine flash charging, PD 3.0, Samsung AFC, etc. If the charging protocol is compatible and the handshake between the charger and the mobile phone is successful, the charger will output fast charging current to the mobile phone and charge the mobile phone with appropriate current. If it is not compatible, the charger does not support the protocol and will charge the mobile phone with 5V - 2A voltage and current.

For example, gongshejun's mobile phone is the charging protocol of Qualcomm QC 3.0. If the connector of QC 3.0 is used, the mobile phone will recognize the picture of "fast charging connected". If you use PD, the mobile phone will also recognize it, because some of the fast charging protocols covered by PD support it. If you use other brands of charging, such as Huawei's SCP, Huawei's SCP can only charge the mobile phone with 2.1a or 2A current because it does not support the fast charging protocol of other mobile phones. Although it can be filled with mobile phones, the current is very direct to the mobile phone battery. After a long time, the battery will heat up.

You must know the charging current of your mobile phone

1.5A, why is there a slow current? Because the charging chip of the charger will have the so-called trickle protection, but this does not mean that gongshejun's mobile phone can be fully charged with 1.2 or 1.5A. If the current is too small, the charging speed is very slow. If the current output is too direct, it may also cause damage to the battery and lead to heating. The current of the mobile phone's original fast charging charger will also drop a little under certain circumstances to protect the battery. But if you don't play with your mobile phone crazily, the background will occupy less, and the charging efficiency will naturally be higher. Nowadays, the current that fast charging technology can support can reach 5a, but it is also a controversial topic. Many people always say that too much current is bad for mobile phone batteries. Indeed, current overload is not friendly to the batteries of some mobile phones. But now the battery design is more and more safe, as long as according to the agreement to distribute the current to charge the mobile phone, it will not cause damage to the battery. If it is not compatible, no matter how small the current is, without protection, it will damage the battery.

On the other hand, if the mobile phone has been used for several years and is relatively old and does not support fast charging, it is recommended that these old mobile phones choose a charger with the same charging current as their original mobile phones. So some people will have the old idea of "slow charging is battery friendly".