Can the iPad charger charge the iPhone 12?

The original charger of ipad Mini 5 is 10W output, which can be used for iPhone 12, but the charging will be slower, and there is no problem in safety;
Extend it,
The original iPad 2020 is a 20W PD fast charging device, which can also be used for iPhone 12 series charging;
The charging heads of iPad air 4, iPad Pro 2018 and iPad Pro 2020 (11 inch and 12.9 inch) are all 18W PD fast charging, which can also be used for iPhone 12 series to achieve fast charging effect;
IPad air 4, iPad Pro 2018 and iPad Pro 2020 (11 inch and 12.9 inch), maximum charging power is 30W.

-----The answer is over, the following specific charger selection------

The maximum charging power of the whole series of iPhone 12 is 22W. If you use the PD fast charging head, you can charge 50% in 30 minutes and 90% in an hour. The fast charging heads on the market are small and mini portable and conventional large and small. The process requirements of small and mini are high, and the cost is high. Anker's PD nano is recommended 20W charging head, the conventional size of the process requirements are much lower, the corresponding cost is low, recommend lvlian, Zimi this big factory.
More, recommended reading: iPhone PD fast charging strategy (continuous update)
If you still have iPad air or iPad pro in your hand and want to buy another charger, it is recommended to use a 30W PD fast charger, and Anker's compact charging head with high appearance and exquisite workmanship. It's a little expensive to charge the iPad air or iPad Pro fast. Considering that you can charge the iPhone 12 fast at the same time, it's worth it.
Holding the iPhone 12 Series in your hand, you usually have a lot of space to use. Those who like the wireless charging user experience can try Apple's "MagSafe". If you are used to charging while playing, the recommendation of MagSafe will be reduced, because the heating of the mobile phone will further reduce the charging power. In this case, Apple's original factory is selected. According to the current evaluation results, the original 20W fast charger matches MagSafe well, and the iPhone 12 can output about 15W stably. The feedback effect of other fast chargers is not so stable. For more information, see: iPhone wireless charging MagSafe strategy (continuous update)
If you have a notebook, iPad, iPhone and other devices, you can start with multi port devices. Now the technology is very mature and the work is very delicate. In this way, a multi port charger on the patch panel can handle multiple devices. If you have a notebook, you need to choose 65W output.
65W dual C-Port charger (aukey base)
Single port output 65W, can be used for computer, iPad or iPhone; dual C port: 45W + 18W, 45W C port for computer, iPad and iPhone use another 18W C port
65W charger with 2C port and 1A port (zenture journey)
On top of the demand for dual-c ports, there is also the demand for A-port equipment (the activity price is generally around 200)