Can mobile phones charge wirelessly? Grain switch Pro handle charger charging base

I need a gamepad charger

A few days ago, I finally spent a month's salary to successfully buy the switch Pro handle. Because I thought that heavy game players (4 hours a day on the liver) would have no electricity after playing for two weeks, and I had to plug in the power cord to continue playing. This was a bit uncomfortable. So I wondered if there was a charger like wireless charging for mobile phones, It's so cool to pick it up when you use it and put it on the charging board when you don't use it. When you need to use the handle, there is electricity all the time. So after a Taobao Search, I found a product in line with my expectation -- the charging base of the cereal switch Pro handle charger.

Wireless charging is realized by means of contacts

The charging base of this handle is made of grain. I used the pro handle of grain spirit and the diamond handle of grain in my family before. If you are interested, you can read the previous articles of the blogger, which are still good. So I have confidence in this brand, and I place an order without saying a word.

The external package of the charging base is white, and the front is the rendering of the product. I entered the switch Pro handle version this time. Of course, there are Xbox handle version, ps5, PS4 version and grain King Kong handle version. The version is different, and the attached adapter is also different, so I must pay attention to buy the version suitable for my own handle. To simply open a box, the list is probably: a charging base, a charging line, a manual, two switch Pro handle adapters. The original packaging box also comes with two ps5 and grain diamond handle adapters. The quantity is not increased, which is highly praised.


But this line is a bit interesting. It's a design of dual USB ports and a type C port that I haven't seen before. The charging base is 5v2a. I guess some users have a 5v1a charging head in their hands, so they have to plug in two USB ports to take up the charging base.

It's interesting to take a look at the body of the charging base. There are lots of metal electric shocks on it. The overall design is black and concise. I think it will go well with Xbox or ps5 (provided I can afford it)

Plug in the data cable, wave switch, and even RGB belief light. There are two colors, blue and green. I have to say that this RGB light is really well designed, very good-looking, and it's really full of space when it's usually placed next to the game console.

Charging and discharging

The next step is to try directly on the handle. First, connect the adapter. By the way, I'll introduce the adapter. The adapter is directly inserted into the charging interface of the handle, and then there are three metal contacts under the adapter. It is through these metal contacts to contact the charging base that charging can be realized.

Of course, I'm also very curious, so is the charging board directly exposed to the outside? Won't it get an electric shock? I've tried. There's no reaction when I touch it with my hand. Putting metal objects directly on it won't cause short circuit. I don't know what black technology it is. It's always easy to touch directly or something with electric shock falls onto the charging board.

Install the adapter directly, and then put it on the charging base to charge. After measuring, it can be charged in any posture. If you put it on the top, it can be charged. As long as the metal contact of the adapter contacts the charging board, it can be charged. Moreover, the charging base supports the charging of two handles, Take a look at the official propaganda picture. You can put two handles together to charge. I can't afford two handles, so I won't show it here. I bought it to charge one handle, and it's more beautiful to put one handle.


Bold innovation