Can I use iPhone fast charging and normal charging alternately?

A: fast charging and ordinary charging can be replaced

1. The current iPhone not only supports 5V / 1A slow charging, but also supports 20 / 18W fast charging and wireless charging

2. In fact, the mobile phone will have its own charging management. Generally, after charging to 80%, the voltage will automatically drop to 5V, so even if 20 / 18W fast charging is used, it will be the same after 80%.

3. If it doesn't conform to the charging management of the iPhone itself, it won't be charged at all, let alone it will be damaged.

4. The main reason for battery damage is the number of charging cycles. The number of cycles is generally fixed. The more the number of cycles, the greater the loss. It has little to do with fast and slow charging.

5. Apple sells without a charger, or supports fast charging but with an ordinary charging head and cable. It clearly supports wireless charging, but you have to buy it yourself. These are Apple's ways to make more money, but of course they also give opportunities to third-party manufacturers.

Based on the above, iPhone not only supports fast charging and ordinary charging, but also supports batch third-party chargers. My recommendations are as follows:

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