Can Apple XR use a 20W charger?

Apple XR can use 20W charger, but the maximum input power of fast charging is 18W. As for the current apple products, as long as the iPhone 8 and later products support fast charging. I used to use Apple's standard 5W charger. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge. It's really hard.

I personally used these two charger brands are not bad, you can refer to it, hope to help you!

1. Green WFI certification pd20w charger 99 yuan

Every time I buy lvlian's products, I really like its product packaging. The charger is surrounded by double-layer film, and there will be no scratch marks. Its charging head is very small, a little bigger than Apple's 5W, and the same power is much smaller than other home. Another thing I like very much is that the charger pin can be folded, easy to carry, and there won't be two protruding pins. The price is convenient, 50 yuan cheaper than the official website.

This charger is officially certified by apple and is compatible with many kinds of Apple mobile phones. It can charge 60% in 30 minutes. When the power reaches 80%, it will intelligently turn on trickle mode to protect the battery.

If you already have a usb-c data cable plug, you can consider the mini diamond 20W charger of lvlian, which costs 49.9 yuan.

2. Anker apple pd20w charger 148.01 yuan

The volume is similar to Apple's official 5W charger, but the output power is 20W.

MFI certification, Apple's official quality recognition.

A 1.8m PD fast charging data line is attached.

If you like Doraemon, you can also buy the Anker Anker Doraemon cooperation, cartoon image. I like this very much. I just made one a few days ago.

iPhone 12 charger

If you like Apple's original charger, you can also buy Apple's official 20W charger.

As a warm reminder, apple XR comes with usb-a data cable, and PD fast charger needs usb-c, so it is recommended to buy a set. Otherwise, there is only one charging head, and we have to find a matching data line. The above is some of my experience to share, I hope to help you! IPhone XR can use 20W PD charger, but it doesn't support 20W PD fast charging

According to the data on the official website, it supports 18W PD fast charging, so with 20W PD charger, it can only charge at 18W charging speed

After all, 18W fast charging is very fast for the original 5W charging speed of XR

Charging loss, generally with 5W loss almost, so rest assured to use

Apple Charger Cable

The attached charging cable of XR is usb-a interface, so it can't be used with PD charger for fast charging, so it needs to be equipped with another PD fast charging cable

The best, of course, is the official charger, of course, the price is relatively high

Of course, you can also choose a third party, the price will be much lower, and XR does not have a PD charging cable, so it is recommended to buy a charging package. Otherwise, only a PD fast charging head is not enough, it can not be used with usb-a data cable