Can apple, which no longer comes with charging head, charge the wireless charging market?

According to the market rumors in recent years, Apple's iPhone 12 series will not be accompanied by a charging head and headphones to further reduce costs, according to the electronic Now the news seems to have been confirmed, according to research firm trendforce, Apple has decided that it will not be accompanied by a charging head and a wired earpods, mainly because of the increased cost of equipment after supporting 5g.

And recently, there are news that the iPhone 12 will use magnetic absorption wireless charging technology. It also made apple decide to cancel the attached charging head a little more, even to remind people that Apple decided to cancel the 3.5mm headphone hole and the release of airbods later detonated the whole TWS headset industry. This time, Apple may cancel the charging interface without the charging head, which will bring a new revolution to the wireless charging market.


Wireless charging is a trend in the future, but the popularization still needs to be solved

Wireless charging technology originated from electromagnetic induction. In 1819, Danish scientist erster observed that if there is current on a wire, there will be magnetic field around it, which can deflect the compass. By 1931, Faraday found that a magnet or other magnetic field was near a coil without current, and the coil would generate an induction current, called electromagnetic induction.


According to this principle, the wireless charging module is added to the mobile phone, so the wireless charging effect can be realized. Many manufacturers are vigorously promoting their wireless charging products, such as Huawei, oppo, millet, etc., which have launched high-power wireless charging equipment. But looking at the market, we can find that wireless charging is still a small product.

In response, the reporter interviewed ouyangqinghan, deputy general manager of spoutin, who provided MRR wireless charging solution, "since Apple iPhone 8 supports wireless charging, it has brought great impetus to the whole wireless charging industry. Wireless charging is an inevitable trend, and the market prospect is broad in the future. "

At present, because the traditional Qi magnetic induction wireless charging no longer meets the application needs of some enterprises, non Qi standard wireless charging technology, such as high frequency magnetic resonance wireless charging, is gradually entering the public vision and adopted by enterprises.


"Wireless charging can be achieved in a variety of technical ways. For example, apple uses Qi magnetic induction technology, and our enterprise's "stamen magnetic" technology is independently developed based on the principle of high frequency magnetic resonance, which belongs to the second generation wireless charging technology, which has many advantages such as long distance, higher efficiency, support one to many, and can be applied in more scenarios. " Ouyangqinghan explained to reporters the technical principle of "stamen magnetic": when the transmitter power supply, a high frequency vibration magnetic field will be generated. When the receiver enters the magnetic field, it will produce the same frequency resonance coupling with the transmitter, so as to transmit the power of the transmitter to the receiving end wirelessly, and charge the equipment in a wireless way.

The commercial implementation of high frequency magnetic resonance wireless charging technology has also made wireless charging no longer limited to the consumer electronics field, such as automobile, medical and other fields, and began to introduce the technology in a large scale.

Dai Xingke, general manager of micro source semiconductor, believes wireless charging is the inevitable direction in the future, because the technology innovation brought by it is different from the experience brought to users. Meanwhile, wireless charging technology reduces the charging port, which can further improve the waterproof and dust-proof effect of mobile phone.


With the increasing of terminal equipment, various connecting wires and connection standards are not uniform, so consumers need to equip multiple wires and charging heads, which brings some inconvenience to daily life. The emergence of wireless charging can simplify the charging head and interface. Although there are still many standards for wireless charging, such as Qi, a4wp, PMA, etc. If these standards are not uniform, wireless charging is only used for soup and no change of medicine compared with wired charging. However, daixingke said that at present, micro source has prepared products in the field of wireless charging chip, including half bridge, full bridge and protocol chip, which can support different charger and fast charging, and meet different requirements of wireless charging standards.


Wireless charging market or mature in 5 years

When converting from wired charging to wireless charging, there are several problems, one is the loss of power consumption. Ouyangqinghan said that the comprehensive efficiency of current wired charging is more than 90%, while the best wireless charging is about 70-80%, generally at the level of 50-60%, which is constrained by physical bottlenecks. In the practical application, consumers will use more electricity when charging the same device with wireless.

At the same time, the charging power of wireless charging is too high to cause heat problems. Apple has released an airpower, which is due to the inability to solve the heat dissipation problem, and is finally cancelled. Ouyangqinghan believes that the main reason for heating of wireless charging is that the comprehensive efficiency is too low, and the heating can be effectively reduced by improving the comprehensive efficiency; On the other hand, the heating problem can be solved by auxiliary cooling, such as adding fins, fans and so on.

Even if the problem of heat dissipation is solved, it is still difficult to unify in the standard protocol. For example, there are many kinds of protocols such as Qi, QC, USB PD, PSS and so on in the market. One product cannot use another protocol for fast charging. The existence of these agreements is the moat that manufacturers have created to create their own product ecology. It is easy to break the agreement, but it is difficult to break the ecological environment.

In the use experience, most wireless charging can only charge the device when it is fitted, which limits the application scene of the device in wireless charging. However, with the development of technology, it will be possible to make wireless charging into isolated charging. For example, spoptin has launched a new generation of wireless charging technology, which can achieve charging distance of about 50cm at the most, and can charge one to many, with transmission efficiency of about 85%. Several manufacturers have tested their technology, and ouyangqinghan said he expects to see the relevant products coming on the market in the next year or so.

Besides the protocol, the problems seem to be solved in recent years. As a technology that brings different experiences to consumers, the trend of wireless charging seems to be unstoppable. But back to the charging technology, we can find that the wired charging technology has also developed to a new height. Many manufacturers even launched more than 100W fast charging technology. Since wired charging can meet the needs of consumers, why should we change wireless charging?

"Without revolutionary improvement of battery technology, the wired charging technology will not change fundamentally." Dai believes that the consumer experience will be obvious from the past slow charging to fast charging. However, the mobile phone charging time will be increased from 40 minutes to 30 minutes, but the perception will not be so strong. At the same time, consumers need to spend more cost to purchase products, which is very difficult to get the recognition of most consumers. The current wireless charging equipment is the same. Although wireless charging chip and ordinary fast charging chip have many similarities, the most important problem for wireless charging is not the chip, but the consumer experience.

In addition, the over charging power assembly will bring some safety hazards. The Samsung note 7 battery door event in that year made many mobile phone manufacturers realize the safety of mobile phone batteries. However, Samsung mobile phone also blocked the domestic power chip outside the door. All manufacturers would not take the initiative to adopt domestic chips considering the stability of cell phone batteries.

Daixingke said that domestic chips were not tested in time and could not be updated and iterated, further widening the gap with foreign manufacturers. Therefore, most domestic chip manufacturers can only compete in low-end products, while high-end products can not break through.

From the consumer and industrial side, wired charging does not bring too much dividends, daixingke said, adding that many manufacturers are turning to the wireless charging market to seek opportunities. Many enterprises invest a lot of money into the field of wireless charging, prepare technology and wait for the explosion of wireless charging market. As for when the market will erupt, there is no accurate schedule at present, which depends on the progress of wireless charging technology. When wired charging becomes unnecessary, consumers have also developed the habit of using it, and the market will finally come.

As for when the market will break out, ouyangqinghan thinks the time is within five years. Daixingke said there is no accurate schedule at present, which depends on the progress of wireless charging technology. When wired charging becomes unnecessary and consumers have developed the habit of using it, the market will finally come.

Why is it an apple, it can only be an apple

The scale of wireless charging market continues to expand | Huachuang securities

According to the agency's forecast, the total size of the wireless charging market will reach $14billion by 2022. In 2018, the number of wireless charging receivers and transmitters for all applications and products in the world reached 600million, an increase of 37% year on year. According to the IHS Markit study, the global wireless charging module shipments will grow to 2.1 billion by 2023.

The fast-growing market has attracted many players. The domestic mobile phone factories are all in this layout. However, it can be found that although many manufacturers have publicized and released several wireless charging products, they have been responding flat in the market, which has not attracted the pursuit of consumers. On the one hand, it is natural that there are some limitations in the current wireless charging technology, which can not cancel the status of limited charging; On the other hand, it is difficult to promote a technological innovation without the leadership of industry leaders.

So who will push this technological innovation? And there are only apples. As a mobile phone industry that has made most of its profits, Apple has the ability to invest a lot of money in developing new technologies and have enough budget to try and error. At the same time, IOS ecology can protect Apple's basic disk. Once consumers are bound by IOS ecology, it will cost a lot to switch to Android camp.


Just as apple took the lead in canceling the 3.5mm headphone interface, and then educating consumers for years in the market, finally cultivating the TWS headset market, the Android camp began to follow.

Why can't the Android camp do it? On the one hand, because of the fierce competition in Android Market, if we blindly innovate, especially big changes, it will be very likely to push its users to competitors; On the other hand, Android manufacturers will have to spend a lot of cost even if they make such innovation, but also slow down the R & D Progress of other projects. It is not sure whether the technology market is acceptable and the fault tolerance rate is low.

Of course, Android camp has also introduced technology changes leading the industry, such as "comprehensive screen", but this technology has the characteristics of greatly improving the use experience and low cost, which makes all manufacturers follow.

Now, Apple will no longer be attached with the charging head, perhaps a new round of changes in the wireless charging market is coming. Unlike in the past, this time domestic manufacturers are ready. As for whether Apple will be more aggressive to cancel the charging port and force consumers to choose wireless charging, daixingke said it is unlikely that Apple has more than $10 billion in revenue in lightning ecology and will not give up easily.

Capital is profit-effective. If Apple promotes the cancellation of charging interface and vigorously promotes wireless charging, it can only prove that Apple has found a better way to make profits. For consumers, as the founder of the smartphone era, apple still expects to report, because it is just a pure love of technology.