BMW began to sell car wireless charger, 2900 yuan a set, online has sold three

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A few days ago, BMW, an automobile manufacturer, launched a wireless car charger in tmall and Jingdong flagship stores. According to the information page, the device is specially designed for BMW sound measurement, which can be used quickly by simple plug-in. It is suitable for charging the common sizes of smart phones compatible with Qi in the market. The BMW wireless car charger is installed in the beverage bracket and can be placed safely and stably To achieve efficient wireless charging.

The device consists of two parts: a base (bracket, inserted into the beverage tray) and a charger (charging unit with inherited power supply).

In addition to supporting in car wireless charging, the device can also be used as a power bank with a battery capacity of 4250mah. The price of the product is 2900 yuan. Three of them have been sold on tmall, which supports the spot sale.

On September 13, 2017, Apple launched three products at one time at the autumn new product launch, namely, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone x, all of which support wireless charging. Although apple is not the first mobile phone manufacturer to support wireless charging, its launch has quickly brought demonstration effect. Huawei, Xiaomi and other manufacturers have also launched smart phones supporting wireless charging, such as Xiaomi mix2s, Huawei mate20 pro, Xiaomi 9 and so on.

After that, the concept of wireless charging rose rapidly. Huawei, Xiaomi, Meizu, Nanfu, picooc Youpin, Philips, Locke, Yise, Beisi and other manufacturers launched mobile wireless charger products one after another. In addition, the manufacturers of power bank also began to launch wireless power bank, and the manufacturers of auto parts also began to gradually launch on-board wireless chargers. So far, all kinds of wireless chargers began to present a state of contention.

The auto manufacturers have even launched hardware products. Xiaomi and Huawei have met their rivals.

However, from the product point of view, BMW wireless car charger product is very questionable.

First of all, in terms of price, the price of 2900 yuan has set a new record for the price of car wireless charger. The most expensive price of "car wireless charger" searched by tmall is only 2108 yuan. The price of car wireless charger products of Philips, Locke, Yise, Beisi, Xiaomi and other manufacturers is less than 200 yuan. According to the price of 169 yuan of Xiaomi wireless car charger, a BMW car wireless charger can be calculated Charger ≈ 17 Xiaomi wireless car chargers.

After all, the price of many smart phones is less than 2000 yuan, and 2900 yuan can almost buy the latest Android flagship phone.

In terms of price, it will not become a large-scale mobile wireless charger. After all, most people's consumption level has not reached this level. There is really such demand, and there are many products to choose from.

Secondly, the product itself is weak. The current mobile phone wireless charger products are not mature. Users still need to connect the charging cable at one end, and then place the mobile phone on the charging board. Since there is a charging cable, why not connect it directly to the mobile phone? This is also the main reason why wireless chargers are not popular. Several of my wireless chargers are put in the drawer.

Compared with the mobile phone wireless charger, the car wireless charger is more vulnerable. It is a collection of car charger and wireless power bank, which is really innovative in form. However, if it is in the car, users can fully use the car charger to charge; if it is in the non car state, users can also bring their own power bank, even if they don't have their own power bank In the case of wires, it can also solve the charging problem. There are too many smart phone charging solutions, and the application scenario of car wireless charger is too small, even if it can also have the function of power bank.

If you consider from BMW itself, it's normal for BMW to launch this wireless car charger.

First, BMW's user base is here. The data shows that in 2018, the sales volume of BMW Group in the Chinese market reached 639953, with a year-on-year growth of 7.7%. BMW's cumulative sales volume in the Chinese market over the years exceeded 4 million. So many BMW owners are likely to become users of this cordless charger product.

Second, it's a general-purpose product, and there's no need to modify the car. According to Guo Jing's observation in the Internet circle, similar products for wireless car chargers on e-commerce platforms already exist, but some locations need to be modified, which obviously does not have large-scale circulation. The usual practice of car wireless charger products such as Philips, Locke, Yise, Beisi and Xiaomi is to integrate them into the air outlet, which is not only a navigation support, but also supports wireless charging. BMW wireless car charger is assembled in the position of the beverage cup holder, which is more convenient and stable than the position of the car holder. Third, including but not limited to BMW. In the details page of BMW wireless car charger shop, it does not introduce which model it supports, such as BMW 3 series, 5 series, X series, etc., but uses "almost all models that can be equipped with standard beverage bracket". In other words, this car wireless charger product includes but is not limited to BMW, as long as it is a standard beverage bracket, which greatly increases the number of customers After all, if only BMW is exclusive, then Mercedes Benz, Audi and other car owners can't use it.

It seems that the price of 2900 yuan is really higher than the sky, but only one day after it was put on the shelves, it sold three sets, which also shows that there is still demand for the product. Just a "BMW" logo is enough to add value to this product. Mobile phone manufacturers often play this routine. The logos of luxury cars such as Porsche and Lamborghini are printed on the mobile phone, and the price is immediately different. The products produced by BMW will not be priced Otherwise, it is difficult to attract BMW owners. BMW has to attract BMW owners. As for the problem of high price, we can only say that "poverty limits our imagination".