"Big head is a bit sleepy" feeling after the experience of mobile phone holder with wireless charging

As I drive more and more times, I use the cigarette lighter to switch to USB to charge the car. Although it can also meet my own charging needs, my mobile phone basically has a lot of power left when I go out, and I also need to set up navigation. I wanted to start a mobile phone bracket before, In addition, the mobile phones that I currently use all have the function of wireless charging. When I visited Taobao, I found a mobile wireless charging bracket from momis, so I started one. After waiting for a few days, I received the express delivery. I shared the experience of this product and gave a reference to the demand of this kind of product.

The first is the outer packaging of the product, and the front is the appearance and brand logo of the product. On the back is an illustration of the installation. The side is how to use the product.

Inside the package are: car wireless charging bracket, bracket fixed at the air outlet of the air conditioner, a type C charging cable, and a dual port cigarette lighter to USB charger.

The cigarette lighter to USB charger supports qc3.0 fast charging. One of the two USB ports is adaptive power, and the other is qc3.0 fast charging.

After the car wireless charger is assembled according to the package above, the side view is like this. Just fix the car wireless charger at the air outlet of the air conditioner.

After connecting the charging cable with the bracket, fix it on the air outlet of the air conditioner. At this time, I found that it was wrong. The air outlet of the air conditioner of ankewei was too low. After using the bracket, I felt that it was too low. I was careless at that time. I didn't expect this. At this time, I found that this mobile wireless charging bracket supports gravity sensing. After the mobile phone is put on, it is locked by itself. However, I am also worried about whether it can be removed after the vehicle is turned off. I just have an experiment and found that this mobile wireless charger can also be removed when the power is off. This design is quite wonderful.

Fortunately, there is no problem in using it, and the car wireless charger also opens and closes automatically. After the mobile phone is put on, it will clamp the mobile phone automatically. During the driving process, the mobile phone is stable and will not fall down even when encountering bumpy road. Although the air outlet of the air conditioner of encoway is relatively low. But I can operate it directly when I need to adjust the navigation. I can also activate Samsung's wireless fast charging, which solves my own needs. It depends on when I choose the model with high air outlet after changing.

Conclusion: I often drive during this period, so I need such a mobile phone bracket. This time I started because I just needed it. This mobile wireless charging bracket meets my initial idea. The power supported can enable Samsung note10 to realize wireless fast charging, If you are also using Samsung or other mobile phones that support wireless charging, it is suggested to start with some simple mobile phone operation to facilitate your driving. Of course, you should focus on the front and pay attention to driving safety.