Beisi introduces 65W car charger, integrated ammeter, 20V voltage up and down rechargeable notebook

For a long time, the impression of car charging is that charging is slow and hard to use. Because the car power supply system is based on 14V operation, most of the car chargers on the market work at 5V-12V, which can not provide better charging support for notebook, tablet and other high-power devices. Recently, Beisi has developed a 1a1c car charger, which can output 5v-20v in the 14V environment of the car by adopting the voltage up and down scheme. It supports the complete PDO, and the maximum output power is up to 65W. It matches the use of tablet and notebook, and integrates the multi-function ammeter, which is perfect.

Beisi car charger has two output ports, namely, orange usb-a fast charging output port and usb-c PD fast charging output port. The output voltage of usb-a is 4.5v5a/5v4.5a/5v3a/9v3a/12v2.5a/20v1.5a, the output voltage of usb-c is 5v3a / 9v3a / 12v3a / 15v3a / 20v3.25a, and the maximum output power is 65W. It supports apple2.4a, qc2.0, qc3.0, AFC, FCP, SCP and other fast charging protocols. It adopts the internal voltage up and down scheme, and has a complete PDO voltage, which enables it to support the fast charging of most digital products on the market.

The black interface panel is made of translucent material. When working, the blue nixie tube inside will light up to display the current battery voltage, charging output voltage and charging output current of the car in turn, so that users can monitor the working state of the car and the charging power of digital products at any time.

According to the on-board charging needs of notebook users, Bess car charger uses the voltage up and down scheme. Even in the car's 14V voltage system, it can also boost the voltage through the voltage up and down chip inside the car charger. The notebook has 20V PD fast charging output, and the maximum output power is up to 65W, so that the notebook can be quickly charged.

Beisi car charger is made of aluminum alloy + ABS + PC, the head is made of aluminum alloy, and the tail of the cigarette lighter is blue transparent design. You can see the internal PCB, inductor, chip and other devices, which is very geek.

The digital display screen in the middle of the panel can monitor the health of the car's power supply system. The normal working voltage of the car is between 11.6 ~ 12.8v, and the power generation state is between 11.6 ~ 14.8V after starting. If the flameout standby voltage is lower than 11V, the battery needs to be replaced in advance, which is convenient for users to judge the health of the battery and replace the battery in advance to avoid breaking down on the way.

Most of the multi port car chargers in the market are 5V slow charging when facing multiple devices, and the experience is not friendly. In order to make multi device users enjoy fast charging at the same time, the 1a1c can output at the same time, and the two interfaces can charge quickly at the same time. The power configuration is usb-a 18W and usb-c 45W, and both interfaces are fast charging, which makes users have double happiness.

For the super power 1a1c car charger of Beisi, the output power of 65W can meet the charging demand of notebook. The fast charging of 1a1c at the same time is also very friendly to users of multiple devices, and the built-in multi-function ammeter makes users know all kinds of current data at their fingertips. The price of Beisi 65W car charger is 99 yuan at present. If you have any demand, you can go to Beisi flagship store More.