Beisi baseus flash series with three charging cables

In recent years, with the increasing improvement of people's living standards and the continuous development of science and technology, a variety of new mobile digital devices are emerging. In addition to mobile phones, people also have more mobile terminals, including tablets, Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth audio, watches, bracelets and so on. Then, it also brings a problem, that is, the trouble of charging. Thus also gave birth to the charging terminal.

As a well-known brand, baseus Beisi is no stranger to everyone. Since it launched the first 65W gallium nitride charger in China last year and became the top 1 Limited king of the whole network, it has been constantly launching new products. In addition to the traditional TPU data cable, braided cable and pull cable, baseus Beisi has also launched a series of charging data cables with one drive and three flash for the market segments, It brings convenience to the friends who need to charge multiple devices and don't want to bring multiple data cables.

Today, we are also lucky to get this one drive three flash series charging data cable of baseus times. Let's start from the packaging. The packaging is still in the style of white matte surface + yellow logo, with detailed specifications, production date and anti-counterfeiting label on the back. You can recognize this brand at a glance.

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Cable part:

What I got this time is the orange and black baseus flash series one drag three charging data line. In fact, there is also a dark green color. Let's introduce it in black first,. The cable adopts 6-strand thick tinned copper core, nylon braiding process is 1.2m long, and flame retardant PVC sheath is added between nylon and core.

Interface part:

The type-C and micro USB interface are orange tongue, and the tail is reinforced, so there is no overflow and burr problem. Each interface is also marked with parameters to facilitate identification. Touch the front end of the interface, which is the part marked with parameters. It feels like a metal material. It can be seen that Beisi has solid materials. And attention to detail.

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When it comes to details, I have to mention that baseus Beisi has added Velcro, which is very rare among many brands. It is convenient for cable storage. Charging part:

There is a fast charging identification module in the middle of the cable, which is a fast charging chip to dynamically distribute power. There is an indicator light on it, which is orange to indicate fast charging, and ice blue to indicate conventional charging (slow charging).

When the type C interface is used alone to charge mobile phones and other devices that support fast charging, it supports 18W fast charging. If Huawei charging head is used, it can support 40W fast charging. When the type C interface is used alone to charge mobile phones and other devices that support fast charging, it supports 18W fast charging. If Huawei charging head is used, it can support 40W fast charging.

When type C interface and micro USB interface are used at the same time or three ports are used at the same time, it is in slow charging state. For devices that are not in a hurry to use, it is very convenient to charge three ports at the same time and only need one charging cable.

In the data transmission part, the official claims that 480mbps is supported, so I won't introduce it. My friends can test it by themselves.

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Well, having said so much, some people may want to say, what's the point of this one-to-three charging data cable? And the official price is so high. What I want to say is that this kind of wire is aimed at users who don't want to have multiple messy cables on the desktop and support fast charging. About the expensive problem, I also have a testv one drag three charging data line in my hand, because it doesn't support fast charging, I haven't used it again after using it once. For this kind of one-to-three data line, there are also very cheap ones on the Internet, which can be done within 10 yuan. The workmanship, quality and whether you support fast charging depend on how you choose.

At the end of the article, we have bought some data lines of Beisi from last year to now.