Bamei Haowu: charge 4 mobile phones at the same time! Large capacity, fast charging, with data cable

What do you fear most when you go out?

I'm afraid my cell phone is dead!

Nowadays, mobile phones are used in payment, work, watching dramas, listening to songs, and so on. Mobile phones without electricity are just as insecure as going out naked.

More than once, I was dominated by the fear of "low power, please charge in time" when I was playing Didi. I was afraid that my mobile phone would not be able to go home after it was turned off, so I had to pray in my heart that it would last for a while.

Since this time, it is necessary to go out with power bank!


But now the power bank on the market is light and small in capacity, and it has no power after charging once or twice.


Large capacity, large volume and heavy weight. It's really unfriendly for girls who carry small bags. It's space occupying and weight increasing!


Sometimes the mobile phone is running out of power. After taking out the power bank, it turns out that the charging cable and earphone cable in the bag are all tangled together. It's really annoying!


Really do not have a self charging cable, large capacity, small and portable power bank?


yes! Xiaobian has long discovered cyke this 5-in-1 super power bank.


With Android, apple, type-C charging output line, to meet the needs of all models of mobile phones.


It supports wireless charging, so you don't need to take a wire when you go out, and you don't need to worry about winding the wire together.


Integrated design, small and portable, can also display the remaining power, easy to put in the bag

Large capacity and high quality battery, fast charging, many times, can charge 4 mobile phones at the same time;

Smart chip + silicone shell, anti overcharge, no hot hands, safer;

Digital display, power does not rely on guess, go out more at ease, can take on the plane oh!

One of the most collapsed things in life must be "with a power bank but without a power cord"! Looking at the power bank in hand and the mobile phone about to run out of electricity, I just want to shake my head and listen to the sound of water.

Fortunately, this kind of power bank with its own charging cable saved me!

Built in Android, apple, type-C three kinds of data cable, it is no exaggeration to say to meet the charging needs of all mainstream models of mobile phones in the market.


The data cable is hidden in the slot in the corner and back. Once you pull it, you can charge it.

After charging, plug the cable back into the slot. It's a simple power bank again. You won't worry about forgetting to take the cable and winding it.

Some power bank interface is easy to break, cyke wire is flexible and strong, after hundreds of times of pull experiment, repeated pull will not break.

Do you think cable charging is troublesome? It doesn't matter. Cyke super power bank also supports wireless charging.

Double click the wireless charging switch, put the mobile phone on and start charging.

When not in use, double-click again to turn off the wireless charging function, which is easy to operate.

The surface layer is added with anti-skid silicone rubber ring, so you don't have to worry about the mobile phone sliding when charging. It's stable and no problem~

Wired + wireless upgrade design, one-time charge 4 mobile phones, really not too convenient!

Even if friends get together to play games, they don't have to be afraid when they run out of electricity. Use it to recharge together, play games, watch videos and listen to songs

When the data line of mobile phone and power bank is not the same model, we always remember to bring the mobile phone line, but we don't know where to throw the data line of power bank? I believe a lot of people often make such trouble.

Cyke power bank not only has its own charging output line, but also has its own charging input line.

5V / 2.1a storage speed is super fast, 20000 Ma only takes about 4 hours to fill.

 iPhone Charger Cable

You don't have to look for the data cable when you go out. You can easily get out of the street with a cyke. It has high capacity and high quality battery, fast charging and many times


Smart chip + silicone shell, anti overcharge, not hot/

 iPhone 12 charger cable

We can often see news reports about the spontaneous combustion and explosion of power bank. In fact, this is mostly caused by the poor quality of power bank.


Take apart a broken power bank and find that it is composed of a shell, a protection board and several sets of lithium batteries in parallel.


This kind of power bank cell has poor heat resistance and is easy to burn and explode once the temperature is too high.


Power bank is something we carry with us. If the explosion will cause unpredictable damage, we must choose safety products with guaranteed quality. Cyke adopts high-quality lithium polymer battery, which has good heat resistance, no leakage, no bulge and high safety.

 iPhone 12 charger cable

Super endurance, fully meet the demand of travel charging.

Choose three mobile phones to do charging experiments, the results show that the mobile phone can provide multiple charging!

Among them, Apple's mobile phone even has a full charge of 6 times, which is really 666.

The charging speed is also very fast. The charging speed of 2.0A is no less than that of the direct charging of the socket~

Super suitable for frequent business trips, travel, anytime and anywhere to recharge the phone, ease the boredom of the road.

In terms of protection measures, cyke is also very good, with built-in intelligent chip, with the function of voltage and current control.


It can effectively prevent the damage of instantaneous surge caused by sudden power failure and incoming call, and play the role of temperature protection and short circuit protection. Don't worry about its heating


At the same time, it also has the function of preventing overcharge, two-way protection of charging bank and mobile phone, improving the service life of charging bank and mobile phone battery.