As big as apple Wufu Yian: analysis of aohi magcube 30W charger worth seeing

Development trend of charger industry

Sawadika, I'm shansheng.

In recent one or two years, due to the maturity of Gan technology, the charger industry has developed rapidly. High power can also have a small size, so that the fish and bear paw can have both. At present, it's not only the charger industry, but also the next step is to make Gan glow on the PC power supply.

In addition, the concept of "environmental protection" led by Apple does not give chargers away, which makes the consumer market demand for PD chargers soar, and more people begin to pay attention to the choice of chargers.

At present, gallium nitride chargers on the market mainly focus on 20W, 65W and 100W, and there are few choices for 30W gallium nitride chargers. I think the main reason is the technical limitation and the lack of enterprising of some former big brands. In fact, as far as the charger is concerned, 30W is a compromise power choice. It can not only take into account the mobile phone, but also provide full power charging for the iPad, and can be used in the laptop.

If you think about it, if you can make it smaller, for many people, 30W is actually more practical than 20W. Aohi magcube 30W Mini charger

Recently, aohi launched its first product: magcube 30W Mini charger, which fills the gap of 30W Mini charger in the market.


Aohi is actually the self owned brand of Aohai technology. Aohai is the original charger manufacturer of many mobile phone brands. Many of the brand chargers we are familiar with are made by Aohai technology and are well-known A-share listed companies in the industry.


Choose to do private brand in this period of time, maybe also see the growing market demand. The first product, cut into the power range of 30W, has achieved the same size as the original apple 5V / 1A charger, and seems to have the element of dazzling technology. After all, in the charger industry, it's not that you can continue to harvest the market by changing the shell and color all day long. Technology research and development reserve is still the first factor. Unique design rarely seen


Because the content of this article is more comprehensive, the packing and unpacking will be omitted.


The magcube 30W of aohi is high-end, so it should be distinguished from ordinary chargers in design.


Frosted shell, more wear-resistant than bright design. The edges of the four sides are chamfered on both sides to increase the three-dimensional sense and give consideration to the roundness.


The front end adopts three-dimensional micro carving technology, the three-dimensional diamond texture is very special, and the recognition is very high. Because the front part has some curved surface, and the micro carving texture gradually extends to all sides. If you look carefully, there is a little tension.


"No one can't get along with good-looking things, even small chargers."


Maybe some people will say that the design of charger is fancy. But when they put the magcube 30W together with other chargers, maybe they will change their mind.


For most chargers, little effort has been made in the design. The most important thing is to change the color of the case. The appearance design of magcube 30W, together with them, seems to be superior and inferior. Micro carving diamond texture + metal interface, the sense of delicacy and high-end are better.


The LED indicator is designed on the top, green, yellow and blue, representing different states.


At the same time, the fog surface treatment is done, the light is uniform, the brightness is not high, try it at night, in fact, there will be no light pollution.

Carefully look at the opening of the lamp slot. It's not a simple rectangle, but an inverted trapezoid design. The designer must also be an interesting soul who sticks to the details.

Because of the extremely small size, the pins are naturally not foldable. But I don't think it has any effect. After all, it's so small that it won't take up space in the bag.

How small is it

In order to compare the size, I chose some representative chargers on the market and put them together to have a look.


We can see that the volume advantage of the magcube 30W is very obvious, which is much smaller than that of Anker's two 30W models. The volume is the same as that of Anker nano and aukey's 20W, which were popular before. You should know that the magcube is a 30W charger.


The smallest Anker 30W Gan on the market is compared with folded 30W Gan. Aohi is a bully.

The volume of aohi magcube 30W is 28x28x32mm, which is basically the same size as Apple's original 5V / 1a.

The reason why some people like to use this super 5W slow charging is that it is too small and it's very convenient to take it out. Now, 30W charger can also achieve this volume, I feel a little sci-fi for a moment.

For comparison, although the power of the magcube 30W is 10W higher than that of them, its volume is smaller than that of most 20W.

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The volume of 30W, you can put two on the row side by side.


Is such a small charger worth buying? For a person with hundreds of chargers, aohi magcube 30W can be said to break my inherent cognition. 30W can be so small. It's the only one in the market.

Not to mention 30W, 20W can achieve this volume, only Anker and aukey.

As the first product of aohi, this paper can give 90 points. Volume is the biggest selling point, and micro carving technology and breathing lamp design are tangible bonus items. Performance, protocol support, device identification and heat dissipation, after the above test, there is no problem and hard damage.

Of course, some people may question whether it can support the price of 128 yuan. I think it's the same saying that the rarity is the most important thing. As a high-end product, the materials used for internal components and shell design are not low. Of course, I also hope that the subsequent sales will dilute the cost, and the selling price can be reduced through the activities, so that more people can experience the thumb size 30W.

Magcube 30W also shows an attitude that the charger market should be down-to-earth and come up with real things, rather than "technology is based on changing the shell".

For the 30W ultra small charger, it can cover mobile phones, tablets, mobile power supplies and even laptops. It should be more appropriate to use "connecting link". 20W is not enough. If 65W is too big, 30W will come in handy.

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The reason why many people don't use 30W is because the volume of the previous 30W charger, even if Gan technology is used, is not close to some new 65W chargers. Now aohi has achieved the size of Apple 5V / 1A with the volume of 30W. It seems that aohi can just cut into the blank market of this demand.