Apple officially abandons wireless charger project

Apple officially announced that it would give up airpower wireless charger because it could not meet the company's high standard.

"After many efforts, we have come to the conclusion that airpower will not be able to meet our high standards. We have cancelled the project and apologized to the consumers who are looking forward to this release." "We still believe that the future is wireless and are committed to driving the wireless experience forward," Dan Riccio, senior vice president of hardware engineering at Apple, said in a statement on March 29
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Apple has just had a long week. Previously, on March 25, apple held a software only press conference, announcing the company's transformation to digital content services. The new service products include apple news app, apple credit card, apple arcade game subscription platform, and Apple TV +. Before the launch, Apple launched a number of hardware products, but airpower was still not included.

Airpower wireless charger was first released with iPhone X and iPhone 8 in September 2017. This generation of iPhone is also the first model to support wireless charging. At that time, Apple announced that airpower would go on sale in 2018, but that promise was not fulfilled.

An important feature of Apple's commitment to airpower wireless charger is that it can charge up to three different devices at a time (which can be an apple watch, a pair of airpods headphones and an iPhone). According to the verge, a technology website, this is a special multi coil technology. The charger can work without having to find a specific location on the charging board. It also comes with a software that can display the current charging status of three devices on the iPhone at the same time.
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Since then, rumors of problems with airpower product development have been reported from time to time, especially the overheating caused by multi coil design. But the hope has not been completely lost. On the package of the wireless charging box of Apple's new airpods headset, it has already mentioned that it supports the airpower charger. But now, it seems that airpower will never be on the market.
iPhone 12 charger cable
Techcrunch, a technology website, commented that this was a very, very rare public error by apple. In the discussion about when airpower will be officially launched, there has never been a big trend of "never", which also shows that Apple's hardware engineering team has been able to turn almost impossible functions into reality in the past.

According to CNBC report on the same day, Dan ives, an analyst at wedbush securities, said, "it's not surprising that Tim Cook's own touted product won't go on sale. From an economic point of view, it's a blow to Apple's gold lettered signboard."