Apple data cable so expensive but always bad? I'll tell you why

Students who have used Apple's iPhone must have the trouble shown in the figure below. As one of the most important mobile phone accessories, the durability and service life of the data cable are far less good than that of the mobile phone. In particular, Apple's data cable has the problem of "rotten skin" when it is used. Why is the skin of the data cable easy to rot?

From the material above, apple data cable is made of TPE material. The advantages of TPE material are as follows: wide hardness range, good transparency, high elasticity and low price. Therefore, this material is often mainly used to make data cables, computer wiring and other wire.

The location of Apple data cable's rotten skin is often the connection between lightning interface end material and interface, which is just the combination of hard glue and soft glue. Due to the difference of material and hardness between TPE wrapped wire and filling head, there is molding stress at the joint of wire and filling head. This lays a hidden danger for the rotten skin of the data cable.


In addition, the thickness of the skin wrapped by Apple wire is relatively thin, and the inner part of the wire is covered with metal mesh layer, which also has internal stress. In addition, the highest utilization rate is at the connector of the data cable, so the rotten skin of the apple line often occurs at the connector.


In addition to easy to rot skin, apple data cable is often prone to yellowing.


Why is Apple's data cable so prone to yellowing? Although TPE material has strong UV resistance, its dirt resistance is poor. Due to the special properties of the data cable, the material of the data cable is required to be flame retardant and RoHS compliant. After the wire is formed, the manufacturer does not carry out surface treatment or add anti yellowing agent, so it is easy to stick dirt on the data cable after it has been used for a period of time, resulting in yellowing.


Apple's original charging cable is expensive and not durable. It's even more difficult to use an original cable for two years. As a result, Apple's data cable is often tainted by consumers, which makes apple powder have to choose the third-party Apple charging line, and also promotes the prosperity of the third-party data cable in the market. Here's how to choose a third-party data cable, which is also common for non iPhone models


At present, the formal third-party data cable, finished products will be tested for reliability, divided into environmental reliability test and mechanical reliability test.


Environmental reliability test includes high temperature test, low temperature test, constant humidity and heat test, temperature impact test and salt spray test. The temperature test is mainly to detect whether the appearance of wire rod will change and whether the function will fail in high and low temperature environment; The salt spray test is mainly to test whether the two end plug of wire rod will rust, and the salt spray test also includes 24h salt spray test and 48h salt spray test.


The corrosion characteristics of common electroplating parts after salt spray test are shown in the following table: mechanical reliability test includes plug insertion test and life test, plug pressure and bending resistance, tensile test, wire swing test, drop test and vibration test.


The plug test is generally 3000 times. After the test, the function is normal.


The test to see whether the wire is easy to break skin mainly depends on the wire swing test: fix the wire on the instrument, hang 200g counterweight and set the angle ± 60 degrees, 30 cycles per minute, 3000 cycles in total. After the test, it was observed that the skin could not be disconnected or cracked, the structure was not damaged, the performance test passed, and there was no short circuit, open circuit and other phenomena.

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This is a reliability test during the development of wire rod, just to verify whether there are hidden reliability defects in the design of wire rod structure. Because the reliability test is generally destructive test, not every wire is tested, and everyone's use habits are different, resulting in different service life of wire.


Wire also uses PVC material, PVC material is a kind of plastic decoration material, is the abbreviation of PVC material, PVC (polyvinylchloride, abbreviated as PVC) price is lower than TPE, but because PVC is a hard plastic, to make it soft, must add a lot of plasticizer, plasticizer is easy to release in the heating environment. EU stipulates that products entering EU countries after July 1, 2006 must comply with environmental protection RoHS regulations. Traditional PVC wire rod does not conform to RoHS regulations because it contains a certain amount of harmful substances such as heavy metals.


TPE, PVC two kinds of wire is very good to distinguish, PVC wire texture is relatively hard, whether it is wound together or unfolded, there is always a relatively rigid feeling, wire surface is usually not after fine processing, in the light looks rough and dim. After using for a period of time, it will produce distortion, and it can not be straightened. Moreover, the PVC data cable, PVC data cable, has a more obvious plastic smell. So good wire generally do not use PVC material, PVC material wire is generally not recommended to buy.


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In addition to TPE and PVC materials, there are braided data wires made of nylon materials, which have the characteristics of wear resistance, dirt resistance and folding resistance, so they have a long service life. Nylon Braided data cable has bright colors. Nylon Braided data cable can change colors, lines and add other colors to the body. Because nylon material itself is very soft, feel very comfortable, nylon wire feel good and not easy to damage.