Apple data cable: making money lying down

Many people who use the iPhone know that Apple's original data cable is not durable. I believe most iPhone users have changed more than one data cable.

IPhone users change the cable to recharge.

For apple, the data cable can not only charge, but also "charge money"!




Small parts, big business. In terms of profit margin, selling accessories like Apple's data cable is more profitable than selling iPhone.

The price of data cable on Apple's official website is 145 yuan. The total price of four apple data cables is more expensive than the total price of Xiaomi mobile phone red a. (145 * 4-549 = 31 yuan)

The total price of the mobile phone model developed by Xiaomi company with hundreds of engineers is less than 4 apple original data cables. Than sometimes feel that the reality is so absurd uninhibited.



Compared with the original data cable, the price of Apple data cable produced by the third-party data cable manufacturer is relatively lower.

There are two groups of people who buy Apple's data cable:

  1. For iPhone Battery performance and charging safety considerations, buy Apple original data cable
  1. Users who are more sensitive to the price should buy the non original data cable produced by the third party manufacture

But even if users buy Apple's data cable from a third-party manufacturer, Apple will make money

In the construction of Apple's ecosystem, as long as some third-party manufacturers Manufacture Apple data cables, they must pay for apple.

It can be said that as long as you sell an apple data cable, apple can make money from it.



Why can Apple wait to collect money through the apple data cable?

At present, there are three kinds of data cable interfaces in mobile phone industry: lighting, type C and micro USB

Lightning: Apple's proprietary interface. Its features: it can be inserted and pulled on both sides, specially for apple.

Type C: a connection interface of USB interface, which can be inserted on both sides. At present, it is mainly used in: Mobile flagship models, Apple laptops, and laptops.

Micro USB: now the mainstream Android interface.

Current trend: type C interface is gradually replacing Android's Micro USB interface, so type-C interface is likely to be the future Android interface.

Lightning interface, Apple's special interface, the technical standard of lightning interface is specially formulated by apple, and its interface part has built-in special MFI system certification chip.

What is MFI?

Apple MFI certification is a kind of Mark License of external accessories produced by Apple's authorized accessory manufacturers. MFI certification is the abbreviation of Apple's made for iPhone / iPad / iPod.

In short, it's apple, a third-party manufacturer of Apple Data money, that provides a kind of certification license.

This MFI certification license includes:

  1. All data cable manufacturers must manufacture data cables in accordance with Apple's technical specifications and standards (the internal structure must be reinforced with metal protective shell)
  1. MFI authentication chip must be built in the lightning connector of data cable.

Without the chip, the iPhone will prompt the user:

And the "MFI certified chip" needs to be purchased from Apple by the data cable manufacturer. It is understood that the price of the chip is about $3 per chip, which is 18 yuan in RMB!

The manufacturer who didn't buy Apple MFI certified chip is the manufacturer of Apple data cable, which is usually prompted that there is a problem with the data cable and can't be used.



In other words, in an ideal situation, as long as you sell an apple data cable, Apple will make a profit, even if the data cable is not produced by apple.

3.At present, only a part of Apple's data cables sold on the market have passed Apple's MFI certification, with built-in MFI certification chips. A large part of them are pirated MFI certification data cables.

The so-called pirated MFI authentication data cable:

Data cable manufacturers choose to "bypass" MFI authentication, crack the authentication loopholes of MFI chips, copy or pirate all or core functions of MFI chips, and produce pirated authentication data cables.

The function of cracking the chip is to let the data cable "wind" through the device, so as to use the data cable directly.

Compared with the high cost of MFI certification, the cost of Apple's data cable to produce cracking chips is lower, and there is no need to buy MFI certification chips,

According to Apple's technical specifications and standard production data cable, you can choose cheap raw materials to produce apple data cable.

The lowest price of pirated authentication data cable can even make a few wallets.

According to Apple

In order to form a complete charging scheme, MFI certified products must be reinforced by metal protective shell, equipped with Apple's MFI chip and power management chip in IOS device.

In short, the apple data cable certified by MFI will charge. MFI chip will keep the charging current and voltage at a relatively stable and constant standard. If there is abnormal current or voltage, too large or too small, it will automatically cut off the charging process, so as to avoid possible damage to IOS devices.

Apple officially said it does not provide warranty service for equipment damage caused by users using non MFI certified accessories.

Apple data cable, can be divided into three kinds: Apple original data cable, MFI certification data cable, Shanzhai MFI certification data cable.

MFI certification data cable through the price is between 30-100 yuan, generally less than 30 yuan, mostly Shanzhai MFI certification data cable.

Of course, if the apple data cable is replaced, it is a question worth thinking about whether to spend money on the original apple data cable or to buy cheap fake data cable.