Anker / miniso Apple data cable simple unpacking and comparison with PK original cable_ data line

Nowadays, there are at least 2-3 charging data cables for mobile phones, which are essential for home travel. However, the number of brands in the market is also dazzling. There are a series of original articles written by Dashen "shansheng of shansheng" on the website. You can refer to them before you buy them. The original iPhone charging cable is not very durable, which is basically a fact. The original data cable of my iPhone 6 has been scrapped, and the cable near the lighting head has broken. So I bought Anker's data cable and miniso's data cable one after another. I happen to have small equipment on hand, plus the original data cable of iPhone 7 and a useless Shanzhai data cable, Do your own little practice, so four lines together to do a simple comparative test. Details are as follows:


1 Simple unpacking

  1. Anker USB charging cable

(price: yuan, length: off white, PVC material, model a7101621, MFI certification)

MFI certified Apple data line Apple 5S 6S 7plus mobile phone iPhone 6 charging data line

MFI certification, also known as made for IOS, is Apple's certification of accessories produced by other accessory manufacturers to ensure that the quality of accessories meets Apple's standards. At present, some USB cables on the market have obtained this certification, and most of them have not. Because the certification is expensive and the products need to meet Apple's strict standards, the selling price of charging cables with MFI certification is generally higher than that without certification.

But sometimes we have to be wary of some manufacturers fishing in troubled waters. For example, one product has been certified, but other models of the same brand have not been certified. We can't be misled by the introduction of the product details page. We spent a high price to buy back a Li Gui Lai. All suggestions to Apple's official website to find out the specific product model (MFI query website link stamp here)

Data line

(price: 15 yuan, length: 1 meter, rose gold, exterior nylon)

Minso products, you must be more familiar with the Japanese style of decoration, which sell goods are relatively cheap. Many stores have been opened in Nanjing, and this data line is bought for emergency use in stores near home. This data cable has not been certified by MFI. The material outside the wire is nylon braided material. As a spare, it feels OK occasionally.

  1. Appearance contrast

Compared with the wire: iPhone original line, Anker, miniso and buy mobile phone shell to send anonymous Shanzhai line. In terms of workmanship, in addition to the anonymous Shanzhai line, the quality is obviously poor, the other three models are generally good. The outer material of Anker and the original wire is PVC, the thickness of the wire is almost the same, and the feeling of softness and hardness is almost the same, while the wire of miniso is woven with nylon, so it is softer. In terms of wire length, Anker is slightly shorter than 10 cm. However, the design of the head end and USB end of lighting is different from each other, and the user experience is also slightly different.

The head end of lighting (feel: miniso > Anker > original factory)

It can be seen from the picture that the head of the original apple cable is relatively small, so the handle is slightly poor when it is plugged in. Anker has made it longer and thicker, while miniso has wrapped a layer of alloy material in the outer layer, which is thicker, so it has a better grip when it is used.

USB port (feel: Anker > miniso > original factory)

It can be seen from the figure that the original line is the shortest and easy to slip when plugging, miniso is slightly longer, and Anker is obviously thicker and longer, so it is easy to take and feel better when plugging.

Store the binding line

Anker has a strapping storage belt, and miniso is a silicone buckle, which is more practical.

Summary: in terms of charging power, the MFI certified Anker data cable charges the iPad just like the original manufacturer's data cable, but charges the iPhone a little lower. Overall, I think the quality is trustworthy; Miniso's data line has not been certified, and its power is slightly lower, but the gap is not very big. As for the anonymous Shanzhai line, the power is very low, so it can be thrown directly.

However, considering the security of mobile phones, the price difference is dozens of pieces, but the mobile phone is thousands of pieces. It is recommended to choose MFI certified data cable or original data cable as far as possible.