Anker introduces powerport atom 3 slim 4-port Gan desktop charger

With the development of the times, two mobile phones and a notebook are quite common. What's more, heavy users of digital products and digital geeks will have devices such as tablet, handheld and so on. There are too many devices and chargers, so there are often too few plug-in boards, resulting in insufficient use. The spacing between plug-in boards is too small, and multiple chargers can not be shared at the same time. At this time, a high-power multi port charger is needed.

To solve these problems, Anker recently launched a multi port desktop charger, Anker powerport atom 3 slim 4-port charger. The charger only occupies one jack bit, but it has four output interfaces, which can charge four devices at the same time.

The four interfaces of Anker powerport atom 3 slim 4-port charger are one usb-c and three usb-a. The maximum output power of usb-c is 45W, which can be used to charge large and medium-sized devices such as laptops and tablets; usb-a supports power iq3.0 fast charging technology created by Anker, which shares 20W power and is suitable for charging small devices such as mobile phones. The total output power of the charger can reach 65W.

Anker this desktop charger is very thin, charger waist thickness is only 18mm, put on the desktop use does not show bloated, very good-looking.

With 65W high power, it can also achieve such a slim shape, only because of the internal use of Gan Gan Gan components, which is known as the third generation semiconductor materials, full of black technology.