AI intelligent glasses company

The glasses of AI intelligent optometry center in Switzerland are of excellent workmanship and light weight. It's very comfortable to watch the mobile phone for a long time, and the blue light proof effect is very good. Switzerland is one of the Swiss registered brands and optical lens manufacturers that entered China earlier

The quality of this kind of natural vision center glasses is very good, and they have many styles, so it's very good to configure them.

Ah, are these smart mercerizing center glasses good-looking? This kind of intelligent high-quality center's eyes are still relatively late and good-looking appearance. On the whole, it can meet certain requirements and specifications, and produce some very good-looking products and styles. The glasses of AI intelligent optometry center in Switzerland are beautiful

The price of the glasses in this center is relatively high-end, and the price is not very cheap, so we should think more about it.

Smart glasses, also known as smart glasses, refers to "like smart phones, with independent operating system, smart glasses can be installed by the user software, games and other software service providers to provide the program.". Smart glasses can add schedule, map navigation, interact with friends, take photos and videos, and make video calls with friends through voice or action control, and can realize wireless network access through mobile communication network. It is learned that Microsoft has disclosed a number of patents for products similar to Google glasses. Google announced its product development plan, aiming to facilitate the future testing of Google glasses with strange appearance in public places. In terms of current product design alone, Google glasses includes a parallel frame that can be placed horizontally above the bridge of the nose, a wide strip computer on the right side of the frame, and a transparent display screen. In general, the appearance will never be like the design of traditional glasses that we usually understand.

The highlight of Huawei's press conference is the mobile camera. Among them, P30 Pro is the world's first mass-produced mobile phone with periscope lens, which can achieve 5x optical zoom and 10x hybrid lossless zoom. The smart glasses co launched with gentle monster are known as "another trendy thing"

The smart glasses are equipped with two pairs of microphone and speaker, which can be connected to the Bluetooth of mobile phone. There are no physical buttons on the glasses, so users can answer the phone through touch. In addition, the glasses also have built-in AI noise reduction technology to reduce noise.

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"In this way, you can answer the phone when the mobile phone is in your pocket or bag," Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei's consumer business, said at the press conference. "This is the latest integration of fashion and technology."

According to reports, this kind of intelligent glasses has IP67 waterproof and dustproof ability, and can be charged by wireless induction through a special glasses box.

Of course, the smart glasses launched in cooperation with fashion glasses brands will be more fashionable. This kind of smart glasses can be equipped with transparent or colored lenses according to the user's preference, and there are a variety of frames to choose from. The appearance is almost the same as the glasses and sunglasses previously launched by gentle monster.

At present, Huawei has not announced the specific price of the smart glasses.

Gentle monster is an eyewear brand founded by Hankook Kim and Jay Oh in South Korea in 2011. It is famous for its eyewear design, which is suitable for Asian customers and has a variety of styles. It has a "weird aesthetics" with a sense of future. Each of its retail stores has a unique style concept. In 2017, it was invested by L catterton Asia, a private equity fund of LVMH group.