About the data cable charging head of the iPhone 12, many novice Xiaobai go to the doctor in a hurry

Since the cancellation of the charging head in the full series of iPhone 12, many novice Xiaobai have gone to the doctor in a hurry. Here's a brief introduction to popular science.

First of all, the 12 series, including the 11 series, the XR series, and the official latest factory models, all cancel the attached chargers and headphones, and only come with a fast charging data cable.

This fast charging data cable is connected to the interface at the other end of the charging head, which is different from the previous one. It is called USB type C, which is also called C port.


The C-Port fast charging data cable can't be plugged in with an ordinary charging head, and apple doesn't come with it. Many small partners have to buy another C-Port charger for fast charging.

In fact, if you want to save money, as long as you don't use the fast charging data cable and use the previous iPhone data cable + charging head, you can still charge and transfer data to your new iPhone without delay.

However, if you want to charge quickly, you need to buy another C-Port charging head.

This is one of the main points.

Secondly, the new fast charging data cable can be used with the charging head of any third-party PD protocol (universal standard of USB Association), so that the iPhone can be charged quickly. There is no need to buy Apple's official original.

However, the price of third-party products is much cheaper, and the quality is worse than Apple's workmanship and materials! It depends on whether you pursue quality or cost performance. After all, thousands of mobile phones have been bought, right? It's hard for the third party to protect their rights in case of problems.

It depends on the individual's choice.


Here, it is especially pointed out that the third party brand ANKER 20W Nano charger is a shrinking version in China. In order to save costs, the voltage is only 200-240V, that is to say, it can only be used in Chinese mainland. ANKER's version in the US is 100-240V voltage adaptation. All Apple chargers are 100-240V (self-adaptive)

It can be said that every cent is worth every cent. I didn't expect that now, charger manufacturers play castration... I have to sigh that it's too difficult to reduce the price in business.

The 18W C-Port charger on Apple's official website, which comes with the iPhone 12 Pro Series, iPad Pro 11 inch and 12.9 inch, has an initial price of 388 yuan.

With the launch of the 12 series, apple took off the 18W charger and changed it to a 20W charger. The official price is only 149 yuan.

From the comparison and disassembly of 18 / 20W, we can see that the old tradition of Apple charger is to shrink the materials used for internal components and reduce the price. 20W charger is also the same routine, but ordinary consumers don't understand these. Of course, they don't need to understand them, because the quality of Apple charger is far from the national standard.

Many of my friends go to the doctor in a hurry. For example, in my circle of friends, there are people selling Apple's C-Port fast charging head + fast charging data cable, and 88 also includes mail... But I need more than 100 to take the goods with only an 18 / 20W charger.

It is obvious that many people are greedy for cheap goods, and now they are using fake "original" fast filling head.

So, how to identify true and false? Expert in fact, a look at the serial number and printed text can know, layman I teach you a method.

Connect the charger to your Mac through the data cable, and enter "about this computer", "system report" and "power supply".

You can see how much W power the charger supports, the serial number, the manufacturer and so on.

And fake, can only show how much W power.

Ah?? What if I don't have a Mac??

The answer, of course, is:

Buy apples, go to_ Digital?