A pocket sized 1a1c charger? Ragau 18W USB PD charger evaluation (r9202)

With the booming market of PD fast charging charger, many manufacturers are making efforts on 18W PD chargers. There are countless products of the same type on the market. The smaller the volume is, the smaller the shape is. Most of them are square. It's always a little inconvenient to put them in bags. Today, the charger that Xiaobian brings you is rare in appearance, that is, the ultra-thin design of ragau's 18W USB PD charger is similar to the thickness of mobile phones, and it has two usb-ausb-c interfaces, which are compatible with more devices. Let's have a look at its performance
1、 Appearance appreciation

1. Front of package

Ragau 18W ultra-thin USB PD charger package top handle design, the upper left corner printed with the logo of ragau, is the intermediate product effect picture, from the package can be seen to support PD 18W fast charging and support QC 3.0 protocol.

2. Back information

On the back is the display picture of ragau 18W charger charging for iPhone, and the words "only 30 minutes can charge 50% for iPhone 11", meeting the fast charging performance requirements of iPhone PD.

3. Bottom information
Bottom label
Product Name: ultra thin folding PD charger 18W
Product model: r9202
Product color: white
Product specification: 44 * 12 * 83mm
Warranty period: 18 months
Brand: ragau
Brand: Hong Kong ruigao Electronics Co., Ltd
Manufacturer: Rui hi tech (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
4. Packaging accessories
The package contains: a charger body, a product manual and a certificate.
5. Charger front appearance

Ragau ultra-thin charger is all milk white, with a flat appearance and "ragau" logo printed in the middle. The charger of ragau is 44 * 12 * 83mm in size. It's only the size of the palm. It's very light and has a good matte surface.

6. Back foldable pin
Ragau's 18W charger pin is foldable and the position of the foldable pin is on the back.
Fold the pin to open the display picture and use the two pin plug of the Bank of China.

2、 Summary of charging head network
At the end of the evaluation of ragau 18W ultra-thin charger, it is different from other common chargers in that it adopts a matte milk white ultra-thin flat design and can be carried in the trouser pocket. Usb-a, usb-c and old and new interfaces can charge two devices at the same time, which is very friendly to old and new devices.

In terms of fast charging protocol, he supports USB PD, apple2.4a, qc3.0, AFC, FCP and other fast charging protocols, and can provide corresponding fast charging functions for these products. The measured charging power of iPhone 11 Pro reaches 18W, meeting the demand of 50% half-hour charging. In addition, it can charge tablets and laptops to extend their battery life.

If you need 18W fast charging, support new and old devices, and pursue ultimate portability, ragau is worth considering.