A gift for my wife, the 100 million color car magnetic wireless charging bracket matched with iPhone 12 Pro Max

Just buy a cell phone? Sao Nian, you are too young.

This year's purchase experience of iPhone 12 Pro Max was really full of twists and turns. I applied for the credit card of China Merchants Bank for the interest free issue 24 of the official website. I thought that although my income was not very good, I always paid back on time. Although I was overdue, I forgot it, and basically only had a few tens of yuan. As a result, I was given 8K credit. I was a good girl, The official website of iPhone 12 Pro Max is 11899 RMB, trying to charge 4500 RMB into it. The result shows that the amount is enough, but I'm sorry, the interest free period 24 still can't be used. I took the excess money out of the credit card, but because I didn't register the savings card, I directly transferred it into the savings card of China Merchants Bank. This is not the end, because I registered the savings card of China Merchants Bank more than ten years ago, At that time, the registered mobile phone number was not used for a long time, so I couldn't log in, so I went to the counter to deal with it. However, if the amount problem was not handled by the counter, the amount increase applied for on the app was rejected. Ha ha, the real estate certificate couldn't work. I felt despised...

Forget it, the plan to buy a mobile phone for my wife before the Spring Festival will collapse, and I will spend 12 interest free issues directly.

It's too magical to have wood, but apple is awesome. It was sent to me in second days, and my mood was really muddled. Naturally, after buying a mobile phone, you have to buy accessories. The mobile phone case and film are the first priority. Even if they are expensive, Jingdong's self-management is also the first time. Then there's the wireless charger. There's already a millet at home, and the car can't be short of it, can't it? No, it's coming.

Yise car magnetic absorption wireless charging bracket

However, the logistics will not arrive until after the Spring Festival.

Product display

Apple Cable

Let's open a box

Now there are more and more mobile phones with wireless charging, and the convenience is needless to say.

Output 5W, 7.5W, 10W, the maximum 10W output, as a car is also fully enough.

Accessories are also relatively simple, charging cable, bracket and charger body.

The size of this type is relatively smaller and more beautiful, but the compatibility of the mobile phone will be poor, but it will come with a magnetic ring. With the official same magnet of iPhone 12, charging will be more comfortable and you will be more assured.

Speaking of rings, rings, where's the ring? I didn't find it. Well, nine times out of ten, it's missing. Fortunately, I contacted the customer service and dealt with it soon. I'll send a few.

iPhone 12 charger port

The rounded rectangle is quite in line with Apple's tonality. The central circular charging coil area has an ESR logo, surrounded by a ring of rubber. There's no need to worry about wearing the mobile phone. Although the color value is online, black is also easier to accumulate dust. You see, the new one can feel it twice.

Back structure, buckle, common universal structure.

It's like this after matching with the bracket. It's a typical way to fix the air outlet. We'll try it later. The type-C port at the bottom has cooling ports at the top and bottom.

There are led lights on the left and right sides, which will be displayed after charging. Type-C line, about 1m long, must be enough for use. Complete body. Only the appearance value can live up to me. The biggest feeling of this product is the appearance value. From the design point of view, it fully conforms to Apple's tonality. However, can you give me another desktop bracket accessory? Although it's for special use.

iPhone 12 charger port

Preliminary test

Shall we have a test? By the way, take out Xiaomi's for a partner. The maximum wireless charging of both is 10W.

As for the iPhone 12 Pro max, it should be the heaviest one in the iPhone, right? What about reliability?


It seems that the future trend is the era of wireless. I heard that the iPhone 13 is about to remove the charging port, so it's really bare all around. Of course, once it does, the demand for wireless charging will increase exponentially. The fragmented charging method is really a life-saving straw for Apple's "small battery" and "slow charging" mobile phones, The future mobile power supply is also wireless. Of course, I have a slot here. It's just a conventional mobile power supply with a coil.

Let's talk about the product. Yise car magnetic suction wireless charging bracket adopts the same 18 magnets of the official iPhone 12. The rounded rectangle is fixed by the magnetic suction, which is reliable and can be adjusted in multiple directions. With the iPhone 12, the whole system is light and easy, and the maximum 10W fast charging should be for fragmented charging. When you go out for navigation, you won't have electricity anxiety, and the cost performance is good.

As for the disadvantages, I hope to have a desktop base accessories, magnetic ring can send a few more.