A day without mobile phone charger

I left the charging cable in the lab last night. I found that my mobile phone had 30% power left at 21:00 p.m. when I wanted to charge it.

But I don't plan to go to the laboratory tomorrow morning, so what should I do?


The mobile phone has been set to the power-saving mode. Don't want to play with the mobile phone tonight. After washing his face and brushing his teeth, he opened the book he had borrowed from the library for a long time. Sleepiness hit, climb to bed, remember to sleep very sweet last night.

Wake up in the morning, eat breakfast on time, and have an egg every day. The only difference is that I didn't brush my mobile phone at breakfast, missed yesterday's circle of friends and microblog hot search.

Carrying a schoolbag to the library, the mobile phone without electricity is no longer the obstacle of learning distraction. I really read all morning.

At lunch time, in line with the idea of going to the laboratory in the afternoon, he took out his cell phone and used up the little power he had.

In the afternoon, I took out my computer and revised the long delayed opening report and literature review. After a day in the library, my recent study task came to an end.

In the evening, when I went into the laboratory and charged my mobile phone, I didn't miss any important wechat and phone calls, just two more spam messages.

Especially want to get rid of the cell phone one day wish, unexpectedly in the loss of charger one day realized. There is no imagination of panic, on the contrary, it is very quiet and full.

So when I left the lab tonight, I wanted to leave the charger here.

Write this article, I hope that mobile phone will not be my dependence tomorrow.