2c1a 120W Gan charging head, take it, go out of the house, one is enough

1 Evaluation position

The charger I evaluated in this paper is from the 583 trial of charger network (Thanksgiving) powder, which is non brand test. After the experience, I feel a lot. I will share it with you for the first time. I welcome the exchange and collision of rational views.

Thanks again make complaints about the charging head net, today's headlines, and the writing platform. Finally, I would like to thank the product owner, and I certainly would like to make complaints about it. I never know how to tell it. I will even let the gold master feel that "TMD, how can I give the product to him and pay him to withdraw the manuscript and withdraw it. I'll pay you“


2 Brand understanding and product positioning

I didn't say anything. First of all, I got the evaluation product this time. At first, I thought my product didn't contain a data line, but was just a charging head. I found a circle of Jingdong and Taobao, but they didn't sell charging heads alone. They were all bundled with a "free" data line. Later, when it arrived, it was also bundled with a data line of the same color as the charging head, Let's take it as a charging head. It's worth 249 yuan——

  1. Brand "digging grave"

The first time I heard the word "Beisi" was Amazon basics. In the process of Amazon's shopping, at that time, Amazon Beisi came into every field of daily necessities, including all kinds of digital accessories, as well as daily necessities used by foreigners, such as dry batteries, storage closets, towels, screen masking films, Even coat hooks and tool kits, like Carrefour's own brand (great value, select Edition) or decathlon's food sub brand, or even the Antarctic, do everything, do everything, brand in my mind.

So when "Beisi baseus" reappeared in my life, I had forgotten that Amazon's Beisi was basic, and thought both of them were the same foreign brand. Taking advantage of my good impression of Amazon platform a few years ago, my impression of this brand was summarized as "digital brand with complex business scope, imported but not expensive, Can be used as the second tier brand choice "

This confusion has been going on until now. Until I opened Baidu (the product that carries Li dada and I want to kill Google search), I found that Beisi baseus is a domestic product or a Shenzhen product. No wonder the price is first-line echelon. It's OK to ride the wind and waves. It's ok, After all, I've been influenced by patriotism in the past two years, and I'm more resistant to American goods and Hong Kong goods

Here is an introduction to Beisi's official website——

Baseus is a consumer electronics brand of Shenzhen Beixing Technology Co., Ltd., which integrates R & D, design, production and sales. It was founded by Cu in 2011. Baseus is simplified from the brand advertising language base on user, which means that the brand insists on thinking from the perspective of users, and the product has high aesthetic and practical value.

What is Beixing technology? What is Cu? I have to come to Tianyan to check——

Well, there's little to gain. We can only guess that the names of the Chinese people and the investment companies actually holding shares are all Chinese capital. Let's treat it as pure state-owned brand and domestic products

It has been founded for nearly 10 years (official website caliber). I personally saw a lot of push of this brand on the Internet. It seems that it has been about three years. Its product line includes charger, car category, audio, protective cover / film, wire, bracket, small household appliances, hub, game peripheral and intelligent Internet of things. I have a brief look, The most unimaginable thing is that a product is beisiyihu dual-purpose vehicle mops. Well, the above is true. Everyone is moving in the direction of ecology and OEM. I hope you will all become millet and Antarctica

  1. Product positioning analysis

After opening the official website again, I didn't find any 120W charger in the product charger travel charger. I figured that this size should not be a small size in the eyes of the official website, so it's not suitable to be a travel charger. Then I found it on page 9 of the product charger direct catalog, But I found that its name is defined as: Bess Gan Gan Gan Mini fast charging charger C + C + U 120W medium standard, (of course, there are American Standard and Europe and America, your product line is very wide

),Oh my God You must be joking with me. Fast charging is definitely fast charging, but this size is called "mini"? Do you call it Mini when compared with the 120W size of other manufacturers? It's not right. You are compared with power bank. I'm sure you should put it in the category of travel charger, which is in line with the usage habits of more people... Why do you say that? Because the two concepts of travel and outdoor are involved, I personally think the positioning of charger should be like this——


Travel: look at the number of people. For example, there are only three personal scenes this year: one person's backpacking, two person's backpacking and five person's self driving. Backpacking and self driving are naturally different. Self driving basically determines that luggage can be put on the car. The charging equipment should be as full as possible. There are no additional requirements for weight (Physics: mass) and volume, while backpack, The lighter it is, the better. The number of people determines the number of charging interfaces of the charging devices carried by the main players. For example, if I am alone, I can have 1-3 charging ports (C port: a Xiaomi mobile phone, L Port: an iPad, micro USB port: a power bank or video device), take my wife with me, and add an additional l port of iPhone, which can overlap with my iPad to use the same line, so one person, It's not a remote mountain tour. If the hotel room has enough charging positions, 1-2 single port chargers are OK. For two people, it's best to ensure 2 single port chargers or one charging dock. Of course, based on the assumption that the wires here are not multi terminal or without additional adapters, there are few scenarios for me to use just one adapter. On the one hand, it is relatively small and easy to disappear. On the other hand, I think the charging rate may decrease, so I usually hang it on the travel insurance for standby


Outdoor: because we often have to camp or climb mountains, the lighter the better. The best thing is a charger + 1c1l (input is charged, not charger output).


So, to sum up: This Bess 2c1a, not to mention the gallium nitride part, is very suitable to replace the usual large-scale charging dock (for example, I have two previously used as four port charging tungsten for tourism, which will be shown later), as a travel demand between lovers or even a small family of three (children don't have a mobile phone, and those with a mobile phone basically don't live in one room), Otherwise, it's not good-looking at home.

But in addition, for business people or local tyrants who have C-Port laptops (anyway, I haven't bought a laptop in recent years, so I can't see the real face of the new laptop's C-Port). The power of this charger is especially suitable for home use or take out, and it can be used to charge laptops and mobile phones together.

After all, let's review the charging power of this powerful charger——

Part of Jingdong is more beautiful

According to the picture information, the maximum power of a single port is 100W, the maximum power of a double port is 120W (60W + 60W), and the maximum power of three ports is 120W. Therefore, as a small local tyrant, generally a laptop + a mobile phone, plus at most one tablet, the three lines with full load should run less than 120W, because few tablets can support 30W. You say two laptops charge together? There is no problem with this charger, but I think there is a problem with people. In this way, the definition of people will not be called a small local tyrant. We should call them two overtime dogs. Otherwise, no matter in a home or in a hotel, it is suitable to call them two overtime dogs...

So come back to reality, if 1-2 people live in a room, they only need to bring such a charging head, which I personally think is the most suitable for me and the most suitable positioning of this product. Whether the room is at home or in a hotel, it is OK to charge 1-3 devices (mobile phone + mobile phone / power bank + tablet / notebook) together or separately. Why separate charging? Because it's charging fast, it's finished in a flash. You don't have the chance to go to the end with two batteries of different power. If you can't, there will be a machine that will go first