2021 iPhone fast charging charger recommendation (various iPhone chargers, including iPhone 12 chargers)

Apple CEO Cook said: in order to protect the environment and reduce the burden on the earth, the iPhone series no longer comes with charging head.
However, the entire series of iPhone 12 comes with a data cable, which is a C-Port charging cable.
Therefore, before the iPhone 12 arrives, you can only choose to buy a fast charging head, which must support the usb-c interface! Otherwise, when you get the iPhone 12, you may not have enjoyed it, and your phone will run out of power. You can't find a charger if you want to charge it.
Many friends love to use the original, but there are many netizens make complaints about Apple charger 149 charger.

So I spent a few weeks collecting several third-party 20W fast charging heads with the highest cost performance in the whole network, which are currently the most popular brands for iPhone 12 users. Let's share them with you!
1. South card 20W charger C1
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Recently, South card is really a big winner. The whole network is made up of South card 20W fast charging heads. On the one hand, South card has made great efforts to promote, on the other hand, South card has really passed the standard of quality. The plug of the fuselage also adopts a folding design, which can store a small one and is really convenient to take out.
This charger is equipped with the same brand chips of apple and poweriq3.0 intelligent speed charging technology, which can protect the battery health while charging quickly. The price is less than half that of Apple charger, and the volume is almost the smallest on the market, which is about the size of Apple's 5W charger.

2. Zimi 20W charger
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The waist of Zimi charger is painted, the input and output end is cut, the shell is matte, and the front center of the charger is printed with zMi brand logo. The top usb-c port of the charger is designed in the middle with white rubber core.
It supports QC, FCP, AFC and PD fast charging protocols, with the same compatibility protocol, meeting the needs of iPhone 12 20W fast charging, and maintaining the overall user experience.
3. Pinsheng 20W charger
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The appearance of Pinsheng 20W PD charger is similar to that of Apple original 20W charger, with basically the same shape, non foldable pins and single usb-c physical output interface design.
In terms of performance, the charger supports apple2.4a, qc2.0, qc3.0, AFC, FCP, SCP and PD fast charging protocols, and supports three fixed voltage ranges of 5v3a, 9v2.22a and 12v1.66a.
4. Rolex 20W charger
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The 20W charger supports 20W charging power, which can be filled with 50% power in 30 minutes. It uses smart chip, designed for Apple PD, and protects cell phone battery in all directions and extends its service life.
The pd20w charger of Roma supports the widely used pd3.0 fast charging, qc3.0 fast charging and apple2.4a and bc1.2 charging protocols, which can make travel easier.

5. Beisi 20W charger
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The power of the 20W fast charging charger is the best match of the charging of the iPhone 12. Of course, it can support other iPhone and other protocols of mobile phones, tablets, even laptops, etc., to achieve the fast charging function.

The new super silicon material makes the charger compact and comparable to the Gan charger, and the price is more affordable than gallium nitride.

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