10W Apple quick charging set is only 29 yuan! With extended version data cable: 1.5m!

Apple's ancestral 5v1a charger has been used for more than ten years. It was not until last year that the standard fast charging for 11pro and 11promax was provided. However, the standard fast charging for 11pro is still 5v1a. In the mobile phone industry, only apple dares to be so willful! But the fruit fans are suffering from internal injury and bleeding.

However, the smarter apple powder has long discovered that the iPad charger has a 10W charger, which can charge the iPhone much faster. After all, the power has doubled, and the charging speed has naturally doubled. So if you have an iPad in your hand, you can put away the 5W charging head and charge it with the iPad head. Some people will say: can the power of the iPad's charging head charge the iPhone? The answer is: of course! Apple's official website clearly tells you that you can charge the Iwatch!

 iPhone 12 charger cable

Although the standard is 5v1a charger, apple mobile phone secretly supports 10W charging since 6sp. By the 8th generation, it directly announced that it supports 18W fast charging, but the charger needs to buy it by itself. Apple always does things so conservative (stingy)! By the way, I heard this year that the iPhone 12 will not even send the charging head. It is environmentally friendly!


Official website original charger set to 300 yuan, ordinary people will not go to the official website to buy, tuhao random! Buy a third-party brand with good quality. Today, the small Edition (home of fruit powder) recommended for you is only 29.9 yuan for this set of 10 W fast charging, only one tenth of the official website price, and the line has been made an extended version, up to 1.5m, so you can walk around freely!

iPhone Charger Cable

Although it is so cheap, but we are assured that small knitting (the home of fruit powder) will help you to check it well. We are also very conservative. We still use familiar brands [Baibang to live], and our hot-selling Apple Battery and 18W fast charging are the same brand, with 3C national security certification, flame retardant material production, safety and safety! It's just 29.9 yuan, and the price is really very personal. Need the fruit powder point link below to buy directly, a package of cigarettes just money, consider a kidney? Are you not fed up with slow charging? Your favorite machine is greedy for quick filling water, but the problem is coming again. Didn't you just say there is 18W fast charging? Which one is the best choice for the 10W fast charging and 18W fast charging? Although the 10W fast charging has been much faster than that of 5W, friends who want to get it in place can buy 18W fast charging directly. The 18W fast charging set is only 78 yuan. However, there is a problem. 18W is fast charging data cable of type-C to lightning interface. It is different from the previous data cable interface. If you change 18W fast charging directly, you can replace it directly, Then you can't keep using the old data cable before.


(the interface of quick charging data cable is type-C)

 iPhone Charger Cable

So if you buy 10W fast charging, the data cable can continue to play the residual heat, because the 10W fast charging head and 5W charging head are USB interface. But in other words, who doesn't lack two or three chargers? Is it not normal to have one set at home and one for office? Sometimes also need to take a set with you, when you go out can use! So let's have a set of 10W and 18W, so we have been selling them for a long time. The used fruit powder can't be separated from it. Because the speed is too fast, a cigarette can be filled with 20% and half an hour full of 50%.