100% cycling glasses

How to distinguish true and false of Topo polarized riding glasses:

1. Look at the glasses bag

Genuine glasses bags are made of thick materials with fine grain and uniform color, while counterfeit goods usually only have simple printed marks on the bags.

2. Look at the appearance of the glasses box

The material of genuine glasses box is smooth, the texture is fine and even, and the workmanship is fine. However, the texture of the imitation glasses case is relatively rough and loose, especially when there is a big gap between the workmanship and the authentic products, there will be rough edges or thread ends.

3. Look inside the glasses box

The damage proof sponge lining inside the cover of genuine glasses case is high temperature integrated compression molding, with good elasticity, fine and even cotton foam, and smooth edge. The damage proof sponge lining of the imitation is not integral, and the cotton foam is loose and the elasticity is poor.

The eyeglass slot in the genuine eyeglass box is cut neatly and the gap is moderate. The eyeglasses can be completely stuck in it after they are put in. Even if the eyeglass box is upside down, the glasses and the original attached lenses will not fall off, so as to ensure zero friction on the way of carrying the glasses. And imitation products are just a few simple foam mats.

Riding glasses are different from sunglasses. Never use sunglasses during riding. Because riding glasses have more windproof effect than sunglasses, don't underestimate this function, it can greatly reduce your risk of conjunctivitis. So the general good riding glasses, when the riding speed is too fast, will make your eyes can't feel the wind. Glass should not be used as lens material for cycling glasses, because it will greatly enhance the possibility of injury when you fall, while resin can protect your glasses from being scratched.

You can buy transparent glasses when you are riding at night. What you use most is the transparent lens with coating. It takes the longest time to adapt to the Yellow Lens mentioned by someone upstairs. Yellow is the most penetrating of all colors and will not affect your vision at night. But transparent mirrors are the best. If you have any questions, please continue to ask, hope to adopt~

Color and light transmittance are the most important. Don't look handsome or not. It mainly depends on the purpose. Some colors, such as yellow, are used to increase the brightness. You can't bring them casually.

It is recommended that you buy two pairs of glasses, one pair of transparent glasses, with a light transmittance of 100%, for rainy days and night use; A pair of tan or light blue mirror, this color mirror can be used for a wide range of driving, tennis, golf and even shopping. The light transmittance is about 20% - 30%. It is mainly used for outdoor activities on sunny days.